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  1. WarriorJeep

    My Trans-America Trail Trip

    Transamerica Trail sign in as you enter Mississippi Ground Zero Blues Club in Mississippi Camping at Area BFE There was supposed to be a bridge here West of Gemini Bridges, near Metal Masher Trailhead
  2. WarriorJeep

    My Trans-America Trail Trip

    I pulled a MOAB Fort trailer with me, which was just shy of 5 years old and previously used as a loaner/rental. Was still solid as hell, very impressed by it. Very light tongue, perhaps 200 lbs this was fully loaded Here are two non-salespeople-come-buy-our-trailer-its-uber people setting it...
  3. WarriorJeep

    My Trans-America Trail Trip

    I'm not a great photographer, definitely not a videographer, and undoubtedly not very good on camera. But once its all doe being made fancy i'll post some real nice video Moar pictures can be seen using the link in my sig or facebook just look up warriorjeep2016...BTW as a side note I loathe...
  4. WarriorJeep

    My Trans-America Trail Trip

    As some of you may recall I was gearing up and went on a 5500 off road trek across the U.S. called the Trans-America Trail. It started the same way most of our Jeep adventures do, and I started building the Jeep up to withstand it. The why: Three reasons, primarily to benefit Special...
  5. WarriorJeep

    Favorite Trail at Moab?

    If I had to pick one, it would be Strike Ravine. Things sure have changed since I was out here last...
  6. WarriorJeep

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    My new GPS. A Magellan TRX7, I've been waiting to try one of these out, got it all mounted and ready today. Now to find a trail not closed from winter snows...
  7. WarriorJeep

    What did everyone do this weekend ?

    Took a run out to Wheeler Lake to see if the gate was wasn't :doh:
  8. WarriorJeep

    Colorado Members: Easter Jeep Safari

    So... I'll be heading out to EJS, who else is going and would like to put together a caravan out there? I'll be coming from Lakewood, taking I-70 West, thought anyone who wants to meet up and roll together we can meet up at Starbucks 2900 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 Post up here...
  9. WarriorJeep

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Sexy Racline Wheels
  10. WarriorJeep

    What was done to your rig this week?

    This week installed lift kit, and my favorite some wheels from Raceline. Still have to wait for my PR44 and ProGrip brake kit to arrive and install (thanks Trail Jeeps for fitting me in) and its off to EJS to see what I can break. Because as we all know something will inevitably break. On the...
  11. WarriorJeep

    The Ultimate TRUE TIRE SIZE Database

    1: General Grabber Red Letter 2: 35x12.50x17 3: 34 inches exactly (picture was taken at slight angle, checked all 4 tires same same) 3000 miles
  12. WarriorJeep

    Random Photos

    In the food isle at your local store :D
  13. WarriorJeep

    Gears gears gears!!!!!!

    I'm currently running 4:88 in my JKURHR with heavy ass 35" general grabbers and doing so problem free. Drop me a PM and your welcome to test it for yourself to see if you feel you need taller or shorter gears. I'll be running 37's after EJS and don't anticipate a problem. Oh BTW mine Is...
  14. WarriorJeep

    Suspension Parts

    So... for those of you who pay close attention yes these are the same parts sold by rcdude. I ended up having a BDS 4 1/2 LA given to me only a few days later. So here ya go. I will ship, everything was inspected closely with no issues. All shipping will be done by Brown Santa. All prices OBO...
  15. WarriorJeep

    Jeep Beach Anyone?

    Checking to see if anyone is planning to be at Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach FL April 20 ~24 2016?
  16. WarriorJeep

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Warranty repairs...
  17. WarriorJeep

    Spidertrax 1.5 spacers 30.00

    Wonder if these will work? :cheesy:
  18. WarriorJeep

    Aluminum vs Steel body armor

    I'm opposed to aluminum... Sure its lighter, but it corrodes, it gouges, it bends easily, imho it provides minimal protection compared to steel I have 18 gauge steel on the corners of my JK, I have bashed them, scraped them, laid on my side, they are still intact and with a little krylon...
  19. WarriorJeep

    Drake off road hood hold down JK (New in box)

    Trade you some well trained cats
  20. WarriorJeep

    Show off your WAYALIFE Decals!

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