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  1. WINspeed

    2021 SEMA Chevy ZZ632 Engine

    That's what I first thought when I saw it too. That ZZ632 is an absolute animal. These vids were from my 21 Daytona with a single carb, pump gas NA 572 I built. That 572 made 778 on the dyno without the bottle. I sold it shortly after my first kid was born. I figured the kids need a father...
  2. WINspeed

    New to off roading and building skills

    For what it's worth, I too run those tires and absolutely love them (and have been beat up for it on here as well) I'll buy them again. It sounds like you've got a great setup. You'll be able to do any trail you want with that setup. Everything is controversial in motorsports (It can make the...
  3. WINspeed

    Anyone going SNOW wheeling soon?

    I'm getting the itch to go play in the snow. Anyone else?
  4. WINspeed

    How do i get the wife into trails

    My Wife loves it. I share the driving with her and now she's hooked. She's driven some pretty challenging stuff and has done well(P.S. only do this if you like hanging out with her. LOL.) When they're hooked it's also easier to spend money on the rig. wink wink.
  5. WINspeed

    2022 WAYALIFE New Year's Kick Off Run

    Looks like a great trip! I was stuck at home with the Bat Flu! Thanks for posting the pictures.
  6. WINspeed

    NEW TOW RIG TIRES - Cooper Discoverer AT3XLT All-Terrains

    I put these on my 3500 Ram, 295/70/18's (Measure 34") and absolutely love them. They do really well in all conditions, even clean out well in mud. Quiet, smooth and great mileage. I've got 14k on them now and am very happy.
  7. WINspeed

    ICECO VL60 Dual Zone Fridge in a JKU

    Not really the info you are looking for but I use an Iceco JP42 on trips. I remove it unless I'm on a trip. But I can say it works really well.
  8. WINspeed

    Loud Horn Recommendation

    Checkout Hornblasters, I've installed a few of their systems on trucks and they're insane. They make a motorcycle horn that fits pretty much anywhere and it's way louder than a stock horn.
  9. WINspeed

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    I remember seeing that jeep on some of your videos. Cool stuff!
  10. WINspeed

    POLL : How Much are You Planning to Spend on Your Jeep This Year?

    This was an expensive Jeep year for me.. From what I can remember it got: Lockpick for the Nav Front and rear cameras Mishimoto radiator (still runs down the freeway at 220. F&$K!!!!!) Longer Fox shocks (more droop baby... yeah) UD60's Mopar Brake booster and master for the UD60's Method...
  11. WINspeed

    Hello from Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Nice Gladiator!
  12. WINspeed

    Fishing Jeepers...Post Up Your Pics

    Looks like Shasta?
  13. WINspeed

    RIP Mr. Madden

  14. WINspeed

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    Uggggg..... True, and very depressing....
  15. WINspeed

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    Plus you guys have a more efficient transmission in the JL/JT platform, which makes a big difference. I might have the Jeep version of anorexia, 40's look small to me after owning them for a couple years. Hahaha. If I didn't live in Commifornia I'd do an engine swap.
  16. WINspeed

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    Thanks for the reply, what motor is in your Gladiator? I hear you about the power issues. The 42's sure look good IMO.
  17. WINspeed

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    Hahaha... Thats what she said!
  18. WINspeed

    40's -vs- 42's..... Ready.. Discuss!

    What do you guys think? I know there's pros and cons to each. Is the extra size worth the loss of some up-travel? Possible reduction in turning radius? Possible stability reduction? I'm sure there will be some street/freeway drivability reduction, does anyone have any experiences with 42's...
  19. WINspeed

    Don't buy MOPAR Beadlocks

    I ran these wheels for 5 years prior to switching to the UD60's. I've had 3 different sets of tires on them, some of which were a complete MuthaF-r to get sealed, but friends have had similar issues with other brands. I always used anti seize and never had an issue with bolts coming out...
  20. WINspeed

    THANK YOU Discount Tire

    Awesome Gladiator! Discount tire and American tire are the best. I asked Les Schwab to balance my tires and they wouldn't touch them because of the beadlocks.
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