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  1. WarriorJeep

    My Trans-America Trail Trip

    As some of you may recall I was gearing up and went on a 5500 off road trek across the U.S. called the Trans-America Trail. It started the same way most of our Jeep adventures do, and I started building the Jeep up to withstand it. The why: Three reasons, primarily to benefit Special...
  2. WarriorJeep

    Colorado Members: Easter Jeep Safari

    So... I'll be heading out to EJS, who else is going and would like to put together a caravan out there? I'll be coming from Lakewood, taking I-70 West, thought anyone who wants to meet up and roll together we can meet up at Starbucks 2900 Colorado Blvd, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 Post up here...
  3. WarriorJeep

    Suspension Parts

    So... for those of you who pay close attention yes these are the same parts sold by rcdude. I ended up having a BDS 4 1/2 LA given to me only a few days later. So here ya go. I will ship, everything was inspected closely with no issues. All shipping will be done by Brown Santa. All prices OBO...
  4. WarriorJeep

    Jeep Beach Anyone?

    Checking to see if anyone is planning to be at Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach FL April 20 ~24 2016?
  5. WarriorJeep

    Factory Hardtop - White - 2015 JKU

    Colorado - Factory Hardtop - White - 2015 JKU I'm selling the factory hardtop off my 2015 JKUR it's bright white, with wiper/washer/defroster and freedom tops. Can deliver within Colorado otherwise come and get it, would cost a fortune to ship. Might be open to delivery out of the area for a...
  6. WarriorJeep

    Denver area

    Ok so closed the deal on my new place in Lakewood CO Friday, anyone care to share shop recommendations in the area. Currently need some metal fab done, and some engine work too, more specifically on the engine work I need someone that can handle some retune and remap work. Be great to find a...
  7. WarriorJeep

    General Grabber Red Letter

    So it seems there aren't a lot of reviews on this tire in snow... Anyone put them to the test yet? I've never used them before on any surface so I would appreciate any comments regarding any terrain
  8. WarriorJeep

    Warrior Jeep Build

    So my latest project is a 2015 JKURHR. and like any typical Jeep owner my build plans exceed whats both practical and affordable... Fresh off the lot The next morning it was time for a factory shakedown!
  9. WarriorJeep

    WTB: Hutchinson Beadlocks

    Looking for 17" 5on5 for the JK, need not be pretty, beat to heck is even ok. Want to do some "testing" with them Thanks just shoot me a PM
  10. WarriorJeep

    Wave from Albuquerque NM

    Hello Wayalife members et al I learned to drive at 14 in a 1972 Bronco off road (Mojave, AZ, Norcal...) long before I ever drove on the road, and that was over 30 years ago. Since then i've owned and wheeled pretty much everything that had 4 wheel drive. i've even had the distinct pleasure of...
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