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  1. bhaner

    Rocky Gap on Sunday 1/9/22

    At least KevinG and I are going to run Rocky Gap on Sunday. If you are interested in joining please PM me your email address so I can keep you in the loop. I haven't been on the Rocky Gap trail in about 7 years... So it may have changed since then... But the last time I was there it included...
  2. bhaner

    Eastern Oregon!

    Made a trip over to the eastern Oregon desert last weekend just to drive around and relax. Ended up putting on about 350 miles offroad. Checked out the Fort Rock area. Christmas Valley. Silver Lake. Millican. Lots of cool stuff! Even found a new place to wheel called Rim Butte! Some...
  3. bhaner

    Hey WC Jerry!

    Let's do it!
  4. bhaner

    Roof Top Tents

    Been thinking about getting a roof top tent for weekend use. Just another way to use the Jeep to get out of the house. Anyone here used one? There seem to be tons of options... Not really sure what I want/need. I was looking at the Tepui Autana that is ruggedized. I missed out on a used...
  5. bhaner

    PSC Steering Box Adjustment

    I have the PSC big bore box and have noticed some slop in the center of the steering. All the components are nice and tight. If I shut the engine off I get about 1.5 - 2” of play at the top of the steering wheel without the pitman arm moving. I have read that some can be taken out by turning...
  6. bhaner

    The Fallen - Sand Hollow

    Got to run this trail with a few others from here last week. It was new since the last time I was there and rated a 9. Sections of the trail are dedicated to fallen soldiers from each war. Overall a very fun trail! I am still sorting out videos and pics but here are a few videos from the...
  7. bhaner

    Ham Radio Noise

    Anyone else running HAM radios in a JKU notice RF interference when the key is on? Seems to mostly be on the 2 meter band. If I turn the key off it goes away. Turn the key to ACC or RUN and it comes back. Still there with the engine running. I can't trace it to anything like LED lights or a...
  8. bhaner

    Locking Hubs and Water!

    Just a reminder for those that have locking hubs... If you drive through water... Service them. I forgot after Fordyce last year... My drivers side was full of rust. Bad enough that I am now replacing the bearings. :icon_crazy:
  9. bhaner

    Heated Headlights

    On the way home from Nevada the other day we ran into some serious freezing fog. Within seconds the windshield was iced over and the headlights were down to about 50%. Turning the defrost on high and hitting the windshield washer fixed the windshield... But not much could be done for the LED...
  10. bhaner

    Two Leaf Trail - Goodsprings, NV

    I found some videos for what is called "The hardest trail in the Las Vegas area". Two Leaf Trail. However I have been unable to find any GPS info or directions to the trailhead. Anyone here have any info? Looking to run this while I am in the area. Please PM if you do. Thanks!
  11. bhaner

    Black Hills - Deadwood, SD

    Has anyone here ever wheeled in Black Hills area of South Dakota? I found a bunch of cool looking trails. Hal John, Calamity Canyon... There are also a bunch of trails named after breakfast cereal. LOL! I know the Jeep Jamboree folks do an event there in September each year. May be a good...
  12. bhaner

    Race Radios

    After the new years run thread requirements I started looking into race radios again. A little frustrating after I just got licensed and installed a GMRS radio for the East-West run. But no problem. I have many friends who are licensed HAM radio operators. When I said something you would...
  13. bhaner

    The Escalator - Hell's Revenge - Moab, UT

    Question for the group. Anyone here been able to get up The Escalator in a 4 door? I have tried twice now and haven't been able to pull it off. Just curious. I know it can be done. I just haven't quite figured it out yet.
  14. bhaner

    Half Doors!

    I keep seeing everyone with these damn factory half doors... Where TF do you guys find them? I have been looking for over a year and haven't found anything near me! I thought I was gonna be cool and get those Bestop Core doors... Then I found out what they cost and I also hear they don't keep...
  15. bhaner

    Rubicon Area Trails

    Thinking about making a trip down to the Rubicon in July. Trying to make a good trip out of it and adding in a few other trails. Fordyce and Barrett lake are on the list. Water levels on Fordyce and my width on Barrett may make those trails a no go. Any other good trails in the area?
  16. bhaner

    48 cj-2a!

    I have been looking for a few years now for an early flat fender Willys. This weekend I found one on Facebook for sale! Well... It is more of a large pile of parts at this point... But hopefully it will be running soon! The old timer that owned it got it in eastern Washington back in the...
  17. bhaner

    Moab May 2020

    Just got back from a week in Moab! I can't wait to head back at the end of July! The place was a ghost town when we got there. We were there the first weekend after it opened. By the end of the week rigs were rolling in like crazy! Here are some pics and a few videos.
  18. bhaner

    What say you?

    Always fun to see how people answer...
  19. bhaner

    Wheel Well Trimming!

    This is a subject that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up... I hate it. I hate everything about cutting parts of the body off. In one of the last Wayalife videos I watched, Moby got a little trim in the back for more clearance. Interested to see how far they went! I am curious...
  20. bhaner


    Anyone here run stickies? I have been thinking about picking up a set for use in Utah and Colorado. In the past trips to Moab and Sand Hollow I have noticed that my Procomp M/T2's take a real beating! The lugs and outside edges seem to get rounded off. That type of wear only seems to...
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