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  1. Hohertz

    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    Thanks for the update and glad to hear yall are taking the time to be there for family. That's what is most important. I recently have lost both my grandparents on my Dad's side in just over a year of each other. This video definitely resonated with me, so thank you for sharing. Wish yall all...
  2. Hohertz

    ENTER to WIN a Dynatrac ProGRIP Jeep JK Wrangler Brake System - ENDED

    With 37" could definitely use the added braking power
  3. Hohertz

    Tail Gate Mounts for Accessories

    Here is an option to consider for mounting your hi-lift. I have my hi-lift installed here and have no complaints. Bought the rubber handle isolator (to keep it quiet) and it keeps the hi-lift out of the elements. I've also done this with the interior of...
  4. Hohertz

    Show Us Your Jeep in the Fall Colors 2015!!

    Man, that Jeepster is vintage cool. Too early for fall colors in the south.... but here's one at Superlift outside of Hot Springs Ark back on Labor Day Weekend
  5. Hohertz

    WIN Truck-Lite LED Headlights!!

    Need 'Em! Could really use these
  6. Hohertz

    WIN a GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition - CLICK HERE!!

    WIN a GoPro HERO 3+ Black Edition Good luck everybody! I'd use the GoPro on the Black Gap in Big Bend National Park!
  7. Hohertz

    Offroad Racing App / Game

    There's a great offroad game that was released today for Android and Apple: ULTRA4 Offroad Racing. Been waiting for something like this to come out! Pretty good graphics, obstacles and trails from the little I've played it. Well worth the $2. Just wish they had an amateur class of Jeeps to...
  8. Hohertz

    WIN Truck-Lite LED Headlights!!

    Would love to have these! Count me in!
  9. Hohertz

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Mine took me to the lake where I got to rescue a capsized boat! While not my first save, definitely my first boat save. Sent from my HTC One X using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. Hohertz

    WIN a DynoMax Exhaust System!!

    Would love a Dynomax exhaust! Count me in!
  11. Hohertz

    show your jeep in snow

    Out breaking ice for the cattle over Christmas break. It was about 8F and the ice was about 5" thick.
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