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    Mahindra ripping off Jeep (again)

    Just read this, these guys are D bags. What do you guys think?
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    ARE Topper

    What do you guys think?
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    Inner Fender

    Any other JT owners have their inner fend sucked in by the tire? I was on a road trip to get my Dad after he had some medical issues. While I was pulling into a gas station I heard this grinding from the drivers side. After I noticed the issue on the drivers side I saw the same thing on the...
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    2 in Mopar

    Had the Mopar 2 inch lift installed while I was gone. Haven't taken it off road but it rides just as nice as stock. It's not a crazy difference but I just wanted a little more height. I'm trying to be more sensible on this build to fit my needs compared to my last one.
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    Decided to get a naked yesterday

    So after I got away from work I decided to put off some yard work and see how the JT looks naked. I was amazed on how lighter the doors and top are compared to my old JK. I'm not sure if its a feature on the JL's but I liked the space provided for all the bolts.
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    Well this Happend

    So I honesty never thought I would part with my JK. I even told my wife when I die I wanted to be propped in the drivers seat, put the Jeep in 4lo and set it on fire while the Jeep rolled down the road like a viking. That was until I started seeing the Gladiator. So Yesterday the family and I...
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    Grand Canyon

    My wife and I are taking an impromptu trip for Christmas vacation. I'm curious of some trails in near the Grand Canyon that offer some great views. I'm not looking for directions as that's half the fun but if anyone could give me some trail names I would owe you a beer. I plan on keeping the...
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    Injures from bone head moves

    So I was re-painting my tire carrier. I removed the hinges from the tail gate to touch them up a little as well. Got the painting done went inside for a celebratory beer. My son asked if we could take the dog for a walk, no problem. I went to get the leash out of the back of the Jeep...
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    Ripp Headers with superchip

    So a while back I bought a set of Ripp headers. This was one of those drinking while sitting on the toilet experiences (not at the same time ). I've tried to sell them but every person wants to low ball me on a already low price. I have nothing to do this weekend so I thought I would put them...
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    08 Unlimited w/ Pro Rock 44 front

    Not for sale anymore, I love this thing way too much. Talked the wife into selling her car, that's called winning!
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    Dana 44 housing

    I have Dana 44 housing for sale. It has an axle sleeve and gussets. I'm not even sure how much to list it for so if anyone is interested and near Montana send me a message and we'll make something happen.
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    band aid or pr44

    So here's where I'm at. I have a 08 Rubicon, I went with axle sleeves and gussets in the front and chose 5.38 gears with 37" tires. Now I should note I went against all the advice on this forum and listen to a shop (who is no longer in business) on all of the mods on the front axle. As to be...
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    Need a Trail Grappler clarification

    I'm interested in the 315/70/R17 because of the load D instead of the E with the 35's. The guys over at discount tire told me that the 315's are only 2 ply on the sidewall. My googlefoo tells me otherwise. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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    Wave from overseas

    Hello from overseas, live in Montana and can't wait to get back on the trails!
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