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  1. BRinSCupstate

    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    So sorry to hear what you guys have been going through. It is so difficult to watch parents go through times like these. We just lost my mom to cancer, and she was also in the early stages of dementia. Times were definitely challenging. My brother and I put her to bed, in her home, for the last...
  2. BRinSCupstate

    Yaw sensor / Stability Control Module.... -1.1 degrees /sec sitting still

    Anyone had experience with the stability control module on transmission tunnel? The 2008 unlimited x kicks in stability control and pulses brakes. Using Innova 5160; no codes and wheel sensors all show on live data. Question is the yaw sensor value is -1.1 degrees/second while sitting still...
  3. BRinSCupstate

    Stability control - Aftermarket front bearing with different ring and speed sensor

    Helping a friend - At times, in curves stability kicks in, pulsing brakes, then goes away. She thought it started after front end work which included wheel bearing hubs. Already checked steering wheel center. Left front has a non standard sensor. It looks the same from outside but after...
  4. BRinSCupstate

    WTB - EVO Leveling kit 1095 - Greenville SC

    Heard good things about kit. Would like to raise front about 1.5". Thought some may have upgraded and have lying around. Thanks!!
  5. BRinSCupstate

    Need Automatic shifter for 09 JK Wrangler 4 door

    Doing swap. Need shifter, sled, cable, and console parts to go from 6 spd to auto.
  6. BRinSCupstate

    2009 bearing noise near oil filter?

    My 09 Unlimited 3.8 with102k miles has started chirping like it has a bearing issue with an accessory. I used a stethoscope to try and locate. It sounds the loudest on the oil filter. The tension pulley had some play and slight noise, so I changed it. Chirp is still there. Thinking it is oil...
  7. BRinSCupstate

    Anyone with an LS engine swap in upstate SC area?

    I'm wanting to swap the 3.8 in my 2009 JK with a 5.3 and 6 speed auto. Just wondering if there's any locals with the swap.
  8. BRinSCupstate

    Hello from Greenville, SC

    I have a 2009 Unlimited X. I've had it a little over a year but just found this site. Look forward to reading and sharing. Hope to do the LS swap in the next year!
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