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  1. rmccown

    2019 JL Sahara suspension, wheels/tires, axles, flares

    I have a bunch of the takeoff parts from my 2019 Sahara build. Axles, wheels/tires, stock suspension/driveshafts, and punk'n flares. Looking to get $1000 for the pair of axles, $500 for the wheels and tires, $500 for the flares, and whatever-I-can-get for the suspension parts. Note I do not...
  2. rmccown

    Swapping tops

    Swapped to the hard top for the winter. [emoji20] Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  3. rmccown

    Building Clementine

    Hi folks. Havent posted here much, but now I have something to post about! Last night I finally pulled the trigger on my 2019 JL Sahara build. The gory details: Dana UD60s with 4.88 2 1/2" Rock Krawler X-factor stage 1 lift Synergy steering upgrades Adams 1350 drive shafts KMC XD232 in...
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