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    Ride Quality Between a Gladiator and a JK

    Absolutely, Im not taking my new baby out any time soon. However my 12 year old and I plan on a few trips this year.
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    Ride Quality Between a Gladiator and a JK

    I think she'll be ready this year!
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    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    The wife and kids left me alone last weekend. I got annoyed while trying to finish the green house so I used my recovery skills to get rid of my old grill and upgrade to a Treager. Don't worry I had my bulldog as a spotter.
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    Ride Quality Between a Gladiator and a JK

    You're more than welcome to take mine out anytime. It won't be a stock to stock comparison though. Im running the 2 in mopar on 37's with 513 gears and a rtt aka my ship sail. Once I get my wife's never ending green house done Im swapping in the AEV 2.5.
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    Et Tu, Brute?...Part Deux

    You're going to love the ikamper. So easy to set up and take down. I wish I would've got the smaller size though. Be sure to air it out for a few days before you sleep in it.
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    Did something stupid

    There's nothing stupid about that! Congrats
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    SHOW us the SNOW!!

    I'm sick of hearing it but the truth is I would rather have all this moisture now in the hopes of less fires later.
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    SHOW us the SNOW!!

    Global warming??
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    SHOW us the SNOW!!

    Woke up to a nice little surprise. Apparently there's more on the way tonight. If that's the case I'm breaking out the Christmas decorations.
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    VIDEO : Where in the Hell Have We Been?

    I was dealing with end of life care the last few years so I have an idea what you are going through. Nothing will make it easy. Make them happy and comfortable the best you can. You guys are awesome!
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    Mahindra ripping off Jeep (again)

    Well shit, Im always last to the party. My bad.
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    Mahindra ripping off Jeep (again)

    Just read this, these guys are D bags. What do you guys think?
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    AEV Lift

    Interested in hearing your feedback on the lift. I've had the same kit sitting in the garage for the last few months but waiting for the weather to clear/time. What gears did you go with?
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    The Build and Adventures of Bearbait

    So much congratulations, Im so happy everything went well for you guys. Let us know if you need anything at anytime!
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    Ahoy from MT

    Congratulations on the Jeep and welcome from a fellow Montanan!
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    Question for those who see icy roads

    I ran the Duratrac tires for a while on my JK and they were fantastic. That being said the 37's Nitto Ridge Grapplers had no issues this year in Montana with the JT. They also have a 3 ply side wall vs 2 on the Goodyear.
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    Jeep Gladiator Badger Campers

    Looks like they ripped off the earth roamer design and damn near the same price.
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    Morel Mushroom Finds? Or other edible fungi findd. (Keep it legal folks)

    Great thread to start! My wife lives for mushroom hunting. Once the weather is just a little better we plan on getting out to some of our favorite spots. Ill dig up some old photos.
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    The Build and Adventures of Bearbait

    Looks great and let us know if you guys need anything. My son is in the 94 percentile for weight so he out grew his cloths fast and we have a ton of newborn stuff you can have.
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    Moab BLM Land Use Lawsuit - PLEASE COMMENT

    Done and done, its a shame when people don't give a shit and make everyone look bad. I always bring an extra trash bag on some of the trails out here.
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