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  1. Canvas JK

    Heading to Slat Lake City

    I am traveling for work 18-22 May and will be in the Ogden/Salt Lake City area. I will not have the Jeep because it will be getting some much needed TLC, new gears and rear locker, but would like to meet up with some WAL members in the area. R/ Will
  2. Canvas JK

    Dual Sport 106

    Looks like Jeep is going to come out with a stretched 2 door as seen on AllPar.
  3. Canvas JK

    WW II Jeeps

    Saw these this morning. Such great history of battles fought and lives lost and saved.
  4. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Not Jeep related but Camp Canvas is starting come around. Foundation has been poured for the shop 40x60 with 20 feet of clearance. More pictures as the building goes up.
  5. Canvas JK

    Driver Mirror

    So my driver's side mirror is vibrating. How can I tighten it up? R/ Will
  6. Canvas JK

    Throwback Video's

    EVO1 before what we know it today Moby what looks like running 35's. There is hope for Canvas yet. R/ Will
  7. Canvas JK

    Rubicon Transfer Case - sold

    So two weeks ago I purchased a Rubicon Transfer Case and when I went to install it, yep it is not compatible with my 2011 JKU Manual. Did my research and mis-intrupted what I read. The transfer case is out of a 2013 Rubicon Automatic and will only work on 2012 + automatics. My error is your...
  8. Canvas JK

    Cool Idea

    Just saw this on FB and thought I would share. It is a DIY Welding table.
  9. Canvas JK

    Driveshaft Alignment

    I saw this on FaceBook and thought this is worth sharing. To me this puts into perspective about pinion angle after lifting a Jeep as pointed out by Eddie and so many others on this forum. I get it now.:thumb: R/ Will
  10. Canvas JK


    Just saw this article on FaceBook. All I can say is wow. R/ Will
  11. Canvas JK

    Northwest OHV

    Here is a brief video from yesterday. enjoy R/ Will
  12. Canvas JK

    To Funny

    Saw this and had to share it
  13. Canvas JK

    Northwest OHV Run

    If you are in the Dallas Forth Worth area mark your calendar for January 24, 2015 for a day filled with fun and wheeling. We will be going to Northwest OHV in Bridgeport, TX. Meeting location will posted closer to the run. Reply if you would like to attend. Plan on having lunch on the trail...
  14. Canvas JK

    Luxury Jeep

    Just saw this on Fox New about a luxury Jeep by Filson and AEV. BLUF A Jeep sport with the AEV Brute conversion with stock axles and power train but with the Filson interior for $130,000. R/ Will
  15. Canvas JK

    Happy Birthday Tigricky

    Happy birthday Tig. Enjoy your day. R/ Will
  16. Canvas JK

    Thank You Veterans

    Just wanted to publicly say thank you to all the WAYALIFE members who have served or currently serving. The sacrifices you have made during your time in the service meant you were away from friends and family and missed out on seeing your children grow. I say thank you for for the sacrifice...
  17. Canvas JK

    World Series

    So who is going to take the Series. Giants Royals
  18. Canvas JK

    Who is in?

    Just checking to see if there would be an interest in a Meet and Greet or Suds n Grub in the DFW area? Specifically looking for a date or time period and a place in the Grapevine area, as this seems to be the central area that has the most to offer. Open to suggestions of a meeting location...
  19. Canvas JK


    So last night we took the hard top off and waited until today to put the TekTop back on. Wwwwweeeeeelllllll as luck would have it, you guessed it, the rain came in about 4:30 this morning. Good thing I live in Texas where it does not rain like it does in Florida. Hoping then rain will hold...
  20. Canvas JK

    Look who I ran into

    Well I happened along this place called Love and War in Texas and this gentleman walked in. Randy is as nice in person as he is on the JKX video's. He took time to talk about his Jeep and past JKX's. R/ Will
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