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  1. Canvas JK

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Had to meet Brown Santa at his lair to retrieve my package. Loaded and ready to hit the road
  2. Canvas JK

    Wiring route question

    Here it is. Behind the battery
  3. Canvas JK

    Which Lift? What Height? Pictures?

    If I were you the first place to start would be the local Jeep club. That way you can see in person and possibly take a ride in their jeep to see what you like. Next I would look over the build threads to see what others have done to their Jeep and come up with specific questions to them. I...
  4. Canvas JK

    The Blank Canvas

    Installed some EVO Rocker armor today. Had a lot of fun and a bit of frustration. Only spun three nutserts. I used a 5/16 pilot hole drill bit which fits in the countersunk holes nicely. Then prior to installing the armor I used AvDec panel tape that will seal the the armor to the sheet...
  5. Canvas JK

    Pillar Switches

    I put my switches here. Some reason my pic is sideways.
  6. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Well we started putting the second floor joists in today. Also set the 4x6 cedar post.
  7. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Update on what was accomplished this past weekend. It is coming along slowly but getting there.
  8. Canvas JK

    Looking to TRADE my Evo 1/4 Pounder and Revolution stinger for another aftermarket bu

    What about an LoD Mid Width Bumper with bull bar and I am in Fort Worth. Will meet half way.
  9. Canvas JK

    Heading to Slat Lake City

    I am traveling for work 18-22 May and will be in the Ogden/Salt Lake City area. I will not have the Jeep because it will be getting some much needed TLC, new gears and rear locker, but would like to meet up with some WAL members in the area. R/ Will
  10. Canvas JK

    I am a Forum Messiah here to Save All You Eddie Minions

  11. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Today was sort of productive. Put up some more walls that hold the stairs going to the second floor. R/ Will
  12. Canvas JK

    What did Brown Santa show up with today..

    Well brown Santa delivered my gears today. Happy Dance.
  13. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Well we spent another weekend working on the shop/man cave (as per SWMBO) Framed out the bathroom Framed put the front wall where the electrical panel will Be located. And set the 400 amp meter panel. 200 amp for the house and 200 amp for the shop/man cave. Going to do some teaching...
  14. Canvas JK

    Gear size for 40s

    I would say go with the 5.38's because it will give you more off road performance. Here is a gear chart that might help. Edit: here is a trip to the Dusy when Moby blew a D44 5.38 ring and pinion.
  15. Canvas JK

    Random Photos

    Saw this gem on Saturday. Yes it has a Hemi Decal.
  16. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    A little framing today. Sure has been a long time since I did framing. V
  17. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Canvas checking out his new place.
  18. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Camp Canvas is coming along well. Here is the shop almost done on the outside. Check out the front door!
  19. Canvas JK

    Camp Canvas

    Well here is an update from the past couple of days. Monday Today Garage doors are up. Should be done tomorrow. Not bad a complete building done in less than two weeks.
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