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  1. RockinAZJK

    SPOTTED: Any 4X4 other than a Jeep JK/JL Wrangler

    A town near me is raffling off this 1956 Kaiser Firetruck. Pretty badass
  2. RockinAZJK


    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! 🤪
  3. RockinAZJK

    Voodoo "Made in the USA"?

    What are the odds just the tag was made in China 🤪 I know I know, probably slim to none…
  4. RockinAZJK

    2016 throttle pisses me off

    Thank you! I’ll try to download Jscan and get it setup before the Jeep Experience this weekend 🤪
  5. RockinAZJK

    2016 throttle pisses me off

    Didn’t know I could do it with Jscan rather than a switch. I’ll have to check it out
  6. RockinAZJK

    Texas Jeep Experience

    Hopefully next year works out! They had a bit of a late notice this year
  7. RockinAZJK

    Texas Jeep Experience

    It’s Friday to Sunday, wheeling on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner provided both nights typically and camp fire to hang out around. Last year they had a band and a raffle on Saturday night. im head out Friday after work and likely coming back Saturday night to be home for Sunday.
  8. RockinAZJK

    Texas Jeep Experience

    Is anyone planning on heading to the Halloween Texas Jeep Experience? I’m headed up on Friday night, not sure if I’m going for difficult or moderate difficulty just yet… hmmm 37s and JK rubi axles, chromo shafts…
  9. RockinAZJK

    WOOHOO - FaceBook Instagram WhatsApp Outage!

    I’m all for Facebook going away. However I do enjoy scrolling Instagram for Jeep pics… Oh well I suppose I’ll just be more productive at work 🤪
  10. RockinAZJK

    Can't find parts! Any ideas?

    It should be driveable without it. Not quite the same but I have had to pull the fuse on ABS before and it just gave a few lights and things like traction control and cruise control won’t work, otherwise drove great. (Personally I prefer driving it like that anyway, screw tcs)
  11. RockinAZJK

    2012 jkur oem radiator replacement

    My vote is from Performance Radiators. They are quick on shipping and pretty much an OEM replacement. Otherwise go with a factory mopar replacement
  12. RockinAZJK

    Jeep Experience

    I’ve been thinking about it, just have to convince the Fiancée she should go with me lol
  13. RockinAZJK

    Two doors

    I don’t know about the JL and a “decent” price anytime soon but they’ll show up for sure lol
  14. RockinAZJK

    SFZ doors, would you buy them?

    Lol I figured I might as well have a thread with the name of the product so it would catch the attention of people who have them. Just trying to find something more than the crickets I got in the last post.
  15. RockinAZJK

    SFZ doors, would you buy them?

    So I have a lead on a set of 4 Strike Force Zebra doors for $600. I know their popularity has dwindled since they never came out with a rear upper. But to those that have experience with them, would you buy the SFZ doors at that price?
  16. RockinAZJK

    Should I buy?

    Right? I’m just hoping I don’t spend $600 & hate them… Was hoping someone that has them would chime in.
  17. RockinAZJK

    Should I buy?

    Found a set of strike force zebra doors for $600 for 4. i know you can’t use uppers on the rear… but for $600
  18. RockinAZJK

    Looking for tough frame mounted sliders.

    I’m another vote for the LoD that you posted.
  19. RockinAZJK

    38's - Are They the New 37?

    I would definitely go for 38s in a trail grappler. I’m ready to jump up in tire size but 2 years out on a realistic and well built set of 60s. Of course I’ve been pushing my 44s pretty hard so maybe stepping up would be a bad idea 🤪
  20. RockinAZJK

    Destroyed front LCA brackets. But what else?

    I would decide what lift you want, then parts that you need now you could buy what will be needed for the lift rather than buying something twice. also, not to scare you but a wreck that’s bad enough to rip CA arm brackets off and bend the DL could also tweak the frame, even if it’s not...
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