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  1. tdans

    I got into a wreck...

    So this morning I accidentally bumped into a lady at a stop sign pulling onto a highway. As you can see in the pics I could hardly see any damage. My tire hit her rear bumper and there are some scratches and a crack about an inch long. This was on the rear drivers side of the car. It popped out...
  2. tdans

    Ball joints

    So my ball joints are going bad on the drivers side. Last time I replaced the stock ones with alloy USA ones. They have lasted like 3 years without a ton of use. It might be partially my fault for not lubing them like I should. What are the best ones to get? FYI I have a Dana 30. Sent from my...
  3. tdans

    Moab trip!!

    So I we are going to Moab next week. I have been a few times before but never with this jeep. What are some of your favorite trails? I want to do Kane creek hells revenge and cliffhanger. Let me know what you think! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  4. tdans

    Detroit trutrac for EJS?

    So I am going to Moab this spring. I don't have a ton of extra $$. I have a ford 8.8 in the rear with a Detroit locker and an open front Dana 30. I am running 35" tires. The reviews on the trutrac seem good but they don't recommend with 35" tires. Has anyone used them before? They are only like...
  5. tdans

    TJ Currie Steering Questions

    So a little background this is my 1997 TJ. I will list below what I have if it might help out. First question has anyone flipped the tie rod end on the drivers side to get it up and out of the way a little bit more? Do you think it will negatively effect my steering? Also does anyone know a...
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