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  1. lloydrage

    Jeep won't start after LED headlights...

    gotta be Earth, right?
  2. lloydrage

    Body tape - rear wheel well

    good deal, thanks as always Eddie.
  3. lloydrage

    Body tape - rear wheel well

    Just checking if this tape is important. Passenger side is torn after my last wheeling trip (I assume due to so much flex). thanks
  4. lloydrage

    Blown 3.6L, will any 3.6l block work

    Bubba from Exodus 4x4 has a bunch of 3.6Ls for sale right now.
  5. lloydrage

    Teraflex - Bad rep for a reason or isolated cases?

    I have had no issues with my TF products and enjoy the videos. BUT I have also seen TONS of posts of having issues with TF products and totally understand if others dont want to risk it. I like that for the most part on this forum I can ask for input and I get honest input though. I would...
  6. lloydrage

    Spent a few days in Big Bend National Park

    I love Big Bend. Like you said not tough wheeling but man the views!
  7. lloydrage

    Do you prefer “On X Off” or “Trails Offroad” (with Gaia)?

    Gaia for me, I have used it for a few years and love it. BTW - I am also a fellow Texan and will be at marble falls in a few weeks.
  8. lloydrage

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    You're not the only one who gets in trouble for honesty. I just feel like no need to sugarcoat shit. I personally havent had any issues with TFs stuff but I also understand others may have. Thanks again for all of the input, I really appreciate it. Maybe I will get a PR44 ordered for...
  9. lloydrage

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    Ive heard great things about Synergy and RPM so open to them as well. Good point about waiting to upgrade rear until I bend a flange. Upgrade front ahead of breakage or keep spares? I have a question - Why do you not like Teraflex? Did something happen? I understand why you like Dynatrac...
  10. lloydrage

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    Thank you for replying. I have no plans of going above 37. It fits in the garage and I enjoy wheeling at this height. I dont go heavy on the skinny pedal but I do enjoy rock crawling. It would be much cheaper to go upgraded 44 and stock rear so I am all ears :D Ive had the Jeep for almost 5...
  11. lloydrage

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    Thanks Eddie. I currently am running a 3" lift on my JK with 37s and considering upgrading to tons so I never have to worry about breaking anything ever.
  12. lloydrage

    UD60s / Fusion 60s

    I have a question. How much articulation is negatively effected by upgrading from 44s to UD60s? What size lift do you suggest to run UD60s?
  13. lloydrage

    How Long are You Willing to Wait for Jeep Parts?

    Depends on needs but if its just a mod that I want not fixing something that is broke I think 3-4 months is about what I would wait.
  14. lloydrage

    New Jeep Ordered

  15. lloydrage

    Fishing Jeepers...Post Up Your Pics

    Fishing with my oldest
  16. lloydrage

    Shame on Quadratec

    probably a typo
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