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  1. HILLZ

    Then & Now Pics - Let's See em!

    There may already be a thread for this but I couldn't find it. Post up pics of your Jeep showing what it looked like when you got it and what it looks like now. :rock: A week before I picked it up from the Stealership. My last off road trip.
  2. HILLZ

    TF Terra axle housing Pros & Cons

    I know that TeraFlex can be a dirty word on here some times but due to budget and ease of getting things here in Australia I've been looking at what to do in the way of front axle upgrade. I know the carrier is a waste of time as are some of their mounts but haven't seen much in the way of...
  3. HILLZ

    Best time of year to do the Rubicon?

    I'm thinking of planning a trip to the US with my wife and i've always wanted to run the Rubicon, even as a passenger, even more so now that I'm a Jeep owner. Question is: What's the best time of year to run the trail and are there any fellow Wayalifer's willing to take a couple of Aussie's...
  4. HILLZ

    Thought and best wishes to Larry and Family at PSC

    Saw on FB today that Larry has been diagnosed with oral cancer, my thoughts and best wishes go out to him and his family whilst he's undergoing treatment. I hope it works out.
  5. HILLZ

    D30/44 c-gusset kits?

    I'm looking at getting the C-gusset kit for my JK and I've found the EVO and Synergy ones are available here in Australia. EVO for $109AUD 3/16th inch thick steel Synergy for $85AUD 1/4 inch thick steel Other than price and thickness would there be much of a difference between them, are there...
  6. HILLZ

    Truck-Lites for the RHD Australian Market - Question

    I've been thinking of getting the TL's for some time now but I notice that the anti-flicker harnesses are always for H13 to H4, my question is that my 2013 JKUS comes standard with H4 globes therefor I have not got the H13 plug on my harness, does this mean I won't get the flickering light issue...
  7. HILLZ

    PSC hood louver install question

    I've got the PSC hood louver kit to put on my 2013 JKUS and I'm just wondering what the rest of you with them have done in regard to the lining attached to the underside of the hood. Also if you have removed the plastic engine cover to help keep the heat in the engine bay down. I know the hood...
  8. HILLZ

    ANZOUSA 7" Round L.E.D Headlights Questions

    Saw an add on the back cover of the latest JP Magazine for the ANZOUSA 7" LED headlights and just wondering if anyone has 1), heard of them. 2), had any experience with them. 3), knows how much they are. you can check them out at...
  9. HILLZ

    Finally a Religion i can sink my teeth into.. I bring you the Church of the Alm

    In the name of the CJ, The TJ and the holy JK! Amen. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. HILLZ

    Who's running the OR Fab rocker skins? and are you happy with them?

    Hi all, managed to pick myself up some OR FAB rocker skins on the cheap, (well cheap for here in Australia) ans whilst i wait for them to arrive i thought i would see who has em if they're happy with em. i'm also wondering how far up the front fender they come, pic showing them fitted and...
  11. HILLZ

    West Australia's 3rd Annual Go Topless Day 2014

    Here is some pics from the Go Topless Day event that was held in Perth today.
  12. HILLZ

    TPMS Dash readout???

    just wanting to find out if the tire pressure readout that is displayed on the dash can be set to give PSI reading instead of bar???? :thinking: only ever use PSI here in Australia and is a pain in the A$$ to convert all the time sorry if posted in wrong spot
  13. HILLZ

    Western Australia's 3rd annual Go Topless Day. May 18th 2014.

    To register go to It's to help fight Cancer people... If your coming i'll see you there, gonna be sweet! :rock: Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. HILLZ

    Sponge Bob says so!!!

    I'm not a new member waving but thought this was accurate and funny. :cheesy::cheesy: :rock::rock::rock:
  15. HILLZ

    Flare ideas for my 2013 JKUS

    Hi, i've got a 2013 JKUS and i'm looking at putting some 35's on it but i'm not sure what to do about the flares, not sure if i should chop the factory ones of bolt on some flatties. what have you done and what are your thoughts??? :thinking::thinking::thinking: this is as it sits at the...
  16. HILLZ

    Summit Mud Hog's, any good???

    Hi, i've got a 2013 JKU Sport and i'm wanting to get a set of 35x12.5R17 muddies and i'm looking at the Summit Mud Hog's, is anyone runing them or know people who run them and have any pos or neg feed back???
  17. HILLZ

    Work In Progress!

    this is my Rig, still alot more to do but it's getting there..
  18. HILLZ

    Wave from Perth, Australia

    Hi, i'm Scott from Perth Western Australia and i've got a 2013 JKU Sport in Commando Green, 2.5" OME lift, 32" M/T Baja STZ tyres on stock rims and a whole bunch of other stuff. The fun never ends.. :rock::rock:
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