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    Picture for Stalter08Rubi

    Here are some photos of the rear EVO Builder (Outlaw) Corners. Hope these help you out with what you needed to see.
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    Why are UTV's cool???

    Get your Friday off to a good start with some awesome RZR offroading action. Enjoy :thumb:
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    King Of The Hammers 2015 official thread

    It's already closing in on us, KOH 2015 will be here before we know it! I just thought I would get the party started 3 months in advance, by doing a recap of last years event by sharing a link. If you have not had a chance to see the full blown KOH 2014 movie, it's available on iTunes for...
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    Branman (spare tire mount pics)

    Here is the best I could find for you....
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    2014 Vegas to Reno Best in the Desert Race

    Yep, I'm back. Going to be making a random 500 mile trip from Vegas to Reno next week.......get it, VEGAS TO RENO
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    MTG's welcome/happy birthday combo thread

    Welcome to Wayalife! Happy birthday! You're the best, we shall never forget this day again. Edit: for context see post #63 here
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    2014 ULTRA4 Nitto Tire National Championship

    SAVE THE DATE!!! RENO, NV - AUGUST 8th, 2014: ULTRA4 Racing is pleased to announce a return to Reno, NV for the 2014 Nitto Tire National Championship the weekend of October 17th and 18th. More than 90 vehicles in five classes are committed to racing in the championship to be held at the...
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    Epecuen - Danny MacAskill freestyle

    Proof yet again that you should never discourage your kids, or anyone, from doing what they love! Its like a Wayalife film :rock:, but no jeeps, just one guy and his bike. Danny MacAskill is a bmx freestyle Jedi. My apologies, but this is a click through, the video was just released and has...
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    Moab 'Big Boys' run......

    Come wheel with EVO1 and EVOJEEP this week in Moab. I know it's last minute, but I made the call this morning at 6:30 am that I'm in for this run with a follow on trip to the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ (its on the way home from Moab for me, so why not). Here's how it played out over the last...
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    Reboot Buggy

    Edit: video may not show up on iPad! Okay, so it is not exactly a jeep but it is probably closer to the original jeep concept than anything else in the last 4 decades. Very cool concept vehicle, with very cool story behind it too. Some of the 2012 JKX participants and Michigan residents may...
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    Idiot.....or truly concerned for other's safety???

    UPATE!! Idiot.....or truly concerned for other's safety??? You be the judge (CNN) -- It took nature took millions of years to create what it took Glenn Taylor just a few seconds to destroy. Now, officials must decide whether...
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    Nothing but Malls and Parking Lots.....

    This is the latest and greatest thread for an opportunity to post up your most extreme, most lame, absolutely mediocre, completely bland, boring, senseless or just plain dumb photos from the world our jeeps spend most of their lives in.....a parking lot. Let's keep this challenge and thread on...
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    Tech: Dent Removal Secrets

    Want to know the trade secrets of how the best Pro's in the world of 'Paintless Dent Removal' work their magic? Check this video out, probably the best explanation of how it's done.
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    Picture test: bumper shot

    Test test test ;)
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    JK rear "no bumper" 3rd brake light option

    Like more and more people lately, I run the "Zero Rear Bumper" look on my JK. I have been doing this for about 3 1/2 years now and have loved it since day 1. Along with the no rear bumper theme, I also choose to not run a rear tailgate or tire carrier, my spare tire is strapped down in the cargo...
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    ATX Slabs repair tip.....

    For those of you running the ATX Slabs Beadlock wheel, you are riding on some pretty beefy wheels. They are not indestructible, but pretty darn close, Slabs can handle some really serious abuse and have been the best professional grade race wheel i have run to date. Over the last six months I...
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    Photos for Tattedfire: trac bar drop bracket

    Photos for Tattedfire; hope these help
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    What is an EVO spec'd King Shock.....

    Lots of recent questions on what makes an Off Road Evolution "EVO spec'd shock". Hope these two videos helps to clear up any of the mystery for you guys :thumb:
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    Want to make Al Gore mad with a Fisker Karma?

    Think the Fisker Karma is beautiful, but cant get behind the plug-in technology? Well then dump the eco-friendly electric Fisker Karma for this model; a 638hp, LS9 powered Chevy conversion of the same beautiful car...
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    Too much free time......

    What do you get when you idolize the movie Taxi Driver, own an iPhone, own a video camera and have too much free time on your hands....... Pure genius, that's what you have!
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