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    New M416 project

    Just found and bought an M416 trailer that is only about an hour or so away from me. I already have a big M101A and I love it, but I have always wanted an M416. They are harder and harder to find, especially at a decent price and within reasonable driving distance to me. I hope to pick it up on...
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    Black wheel cleaner

    So I recently traded my ‘12 in on an ‘18 and had a lot of my aftermarket stuff swapped over including almost new 35’s and the KMC Addict rims. I have had the rims for over 7 years and they just aren’t as black as the used to be. Can anyone recommend some good black wheel cleaner that might bring...
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    Willys grill art

    I was up in NW Georgia and ran across this place called Quarter Ton & Military. They had a bunch of old Willys in the yard and I went around and took pictures of all the grills. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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    New JK

    So I have been on here a while now, and want to thank everyone for their comments/advice. I ended up trading my ‘12 in on a new 2018 JKU Rubicon. Got a great deal as I think they are trying to get rid of what’s left of the JK’s. Also, I can swap over a lot of my aftermarket parts so I don’t have...
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    So my '12 JKU sport needs a new motor. I am looking at a few different options and am curious what you guys would do. Option 1: $5,000 (installed and out the door) for a low mileage 3.6 take out motor that was swapped out for an LS upgrade. Pro- lowest cost option, low mileage motor Con- no...
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    Engine swap

    Ok, so I am forced to look at doing an engine swap and as much as I want to pull the trigger on an LS I don't really have $27K laying around right now. So I can either do a 3.6 reman or do a low mileage 3.6 that came out of a JK that got an LS upgrade. Anyone done either of these and if so...
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    P0420 bank 1

    Just had this code pop up right before a 400 mile round trip for the 4th of July. Did this just eliminate the Jeep from going to the beach or can I address this when I get back? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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