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  1. Colorado4x4

    Fuel Prices

    You idiots complaining about gas prices. When are you going to learn!? Just get an electric car! This thread wouldn’t exist if you had a plug in car
  2. Colorado4x4

    Smoking Meat -- Tips, Opinions, Recipes

    Getting ready for the Avs game! Cooked a 10 lb brisket flat (full packers were out at Sam’s), 10 lb shoulder and 2 racks of spares on the Weber WSM and Backwoods cooker! I didn’t get brisket or shoulder pics as they could be considered offensive and inappropriate 😂 Maybe I will take pics of...
  3. Colorado4x4

    Fuel Prices

    I couldn’t think it or say it better. They wanted it and they want it to get worse
  4. Colorado4x4

    Fuel Prices

    It takes quite a while to get oil out of the ground and to turn it into gasoline. I work domestic onshore oil and from start to finish, just to get crude oil out of the ground is more than a year, from idea to oil. Most of the producing wells can’t produce more oil to even make a difference...
  5. Colorado4x4

    Fuel Prices

    Why in the hell does nobody remember this??!
  6. Colorado4x4

    Fuel Prices

    Some reading material… Exxon’s response:
  7. Colorado4x4

    Fox 2.0 Shock Body Backed Off

    Surprisingly, it DID NOT fit in the front shock position BUT it did bolt right up as a steering stabilizer!
  8. Colorado4x4

    Fox 2.0 Shock Body Backed Off

    Oh! The plot thickens! Here the replacement shock that Fox sent me. It’s going to take a little fab work to fit on the Jeep. Any guess as to what vehicle it is for???
  9. Colorado4x4

    Fox 2.0 Shock Body Backed Off

    I can’t say for sure but I believe I would have noticed it during install. This was the first off-roading trip with them for 4 days on easy bumpy trails in Moab. The thread length may even be a little longer than 1/4” and it really had a long ways to go to back itself off. The whole thing...
  10. Colorado4x4

    Fox 2.0 Shock Body Backed Off

    That’s what I’m thinking. Ah, no big deal. It just comes loose every now and then on the highway the Jeep still handles the same with no shock. 😂. Oh, and I definitely couldn’t convince them to send out a new driver side shock because it didn’t unthread yet. The lot numbers are the same on...
  11. Colorado4x4

    Fox 2.0 Shock Body Backed Off

    We were coming back from Moab and the San Juan’s last week and while driving 65 mph down 285 we started hearing a terrible banging sound coming from under my Jeep. I am friends with all of the sounds my Jeep makes and this was a new friend. I pulled over and found out that my new driver front...
  12. Colorado4x4

    EPIC Campsites : Let's See Yours!!

    Somewhere in Utah…
  13. Colorado4x4


    That is so cool. What a great property! Congrats!!!
  14. Colorado4x4

    Moog Drag Link Part Number?

  15. Colorado4x4

    Moog Drag Link Part Number?

    Hello! Several months back I ordered tie rod ends for my stock drag link to replace the stock worn ends. I have a flipped drag link and ordered the Crown RHD for the knuckle end and the Crown end for the pitman arm for the drag link. The pitman arm end for the drag link from Crown sucks. The...
  16. Colorado4x4

    JEEP MEMES - Let's see em!!

    Might be more appropriate if it said “XJ”
  17. Colorado4x4

    38” tire carrier

    I had the Genright tire carrier on my old YJ carrying a 38” spare. It did the job but was heavy to lay it down. It basically made the rear cargo area inaccessible but only a sandwich and a 6 pack of beer would fit behind the back seat anyway, so I never really flipped it down. It was stout...
  18. Colorado4x4

    Trip / trail suggestions for Father / Daughter Trip

    It only makes sense to me, especially if he hasn’t wheeled there. The town is cool, it will be a scenic drive, tons of trails to choose from and good lodging. I say Moab!
  19. Colorado4x4

    Where'd All the Motor Oil Go??

    I’m so tired of this crap
  20. Colorado4x4

    TRUMP DELAY REVERSED - Fines Boosted for Automakers Not Meeting Fuel Economy Rules

    The Brandon administration is definitely building back better! Just look how he tackled this virus! This is complete garbage especially when the rest of the planet doesn’t care about emissions. It’s just another “tax”. I am so tired of this crap.
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