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  1. 2nd.gunman

    Looking at buying some Method wheels

    I’m looking at buying a set of Method 307 Hole wheels in magnesium. Anyone have a set or know someone who does? Looking for opinions before I pull the trigger. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. 2nd.gunman

    Bump stop options

    So I dropped off a ledge today that turned out to be bigger than I thought and blew out the left front foam bumpstop. Other than a new stock replacement what are my options? I don't have the cash for hydro right now. I see rugged ridge do a urethane bump stop. Is it any good? And does it fully...
  3. 2nd.gunman

    Factory steel wheel centre caps

    Looking for a set of factory 16" steel wheel centre caps to fit with my rugged ridge steel wheels if anyone has a spare set they are willing to part with. Obviously i'm happy to cover freight costs.
  4. 2nd.gunman

    Maxxis Bighorn 762 or Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT?

    I looking at going to a 305/70R17 mud tyre soon and the only 2 i can get locally are the Maxxis Bighorn 762 or Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT. Anyone have any experience with either tyre? which one would you choose and why? I'm leaning towards the Achilles as it is a little cheaper and looks very...
  5. 2nd.gunman

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year WAYALIFE! I know it's still early in the day in the US but it's 2am 1/1/17 here so I thought I'd get the ball rolling. Wishing everyone the best of luck for the coming year. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. 2nd.gunman

    Boots or no boots on rancho 9Ks

    I'm running the 331 front rancho 9K shocks and the boots never stay in place properly so I'm think of just taking them off and running without them. Anyone running this way? Worried about damage to the shaft. When I fitted them I clipped the top in on the washer and just let the bottom sit on...
  7. 2nd.gunman

    Drawings, Blueprint, Bodyshop manual

    Anyone know where I can buy a set of engineering drawings or the like for a Willys MB? I'm tossing up scratch building a MB inspired trail rig out of aluminium. I'm only really looking for the tub dimensions so I can get the proportion right. Everything I've found so far doesn't really provide...
  8. 2nd.gunman

    Lubricant for Rancho 9K adjusters

    So my Rancho 9000XLs arrived today and the adjustment knobs are quite stiff to turn. Is there a good lubricant to use so they are easier to turn? I used to have these on my WJ and they were a little stiff new but got worse after 12 months on the road. Hoping to do something now before the get...
  9. 2nd.gunman

    Can anyone ID these springs?

    I bought these springs for $50 and they were supposed to be 3" teraflex which wouldn't have been my first choice but for $50....anyway only really wanting to see if I'd be happy with 3" before buying new springs but they are tapered wire progressive springs. Did teraflex ever do springs like...
  10. 2nd.gunman


    What is the purpose of the stinger bar on some front bumpers? I assume it's for assisting with getting over large rocks but I've never seen a picture or video where it was being 'used'. We don't have them in Australia which I can only assume is because your jeep would be instantly defected if...
  11. 2nd.gunman

    Happy Australia Day!

    Happy Australia Day! The day when all Australians celebrate the landing of the first fleet and what it means to be Australian. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how many Aussies and expats there are on Wayalife. So chime in and let us know where you are and what you're doing today...
  12. 2nd.gunman

    Any difference between 2007-11 body and 2012+ body?

    Specifically will the complete dash swap over? I can get a 2007 2 door 3.8 manual sport with a blown motor for 3k and a written off 2014-15 4 door 3.6 auto for under 10k. So I'd only have about 15k in it at the most when you can't get a 3.6 auto 2 door in Australia for less than 30k. I've...
  13. 2nd.gunman

    Hello from Brisbane, Australia

    Hi all, I've been stalking the forum and watching the videos for awhile so figured it was time to sign up. I've had my JKU Rubicon X for just on a year and still can't believe how good it is stock. Previous vehicle was a V8 WJ quadradrive with a lift and 32's and the Rubicon is just so much...
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