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  1. GraniteCrystal

    Anyone on FIRE path?

    Financial Independence Retire Early F.I.R.E Anyone here on track to achieve FIRE? Wife and I are working towards it. Next big step for us is paying our house off asap, then working on the nest egg to get 25x our yearly expenses. If not familiar, do some googling. Lots of stuff being written...
  2. GraniteCrystal

    Doomsday clock now 2 minutes till midnight So...who's the most prepared to jump in their Jeep and bug out to a mountain hideaway?
  3. GraniteCrystal

    Moving - need to ditch stuff

    Front stock driveshaft Front and rear stock sway bar links Front and rear stock lower control arms 2" bump stops, new from JKS Stock drag link Stock track bar All parts located in Denver. All parts taken off my 2014 JKUR auto. Make me an offer, including beer, food, or other Jeep parts
  4. GraniteCrystal

    WTB: old grill

    Looking for some garage wall art. If anyone has some stock Jeep grills (JK or otherwise), let me know. Thanks.
  5. GraniteCrystal

    Make your Jeep smart?

    Anyone tried this or something like this before? Sounds like it could be a nice little addition to the Jeep, if only for the OnStar type capabilities
  6. GraniteCrystal

    JK barn door?

    Anyone ever seen this before? Know any company that makes them? It definitely limits you from running 2x4s out the rear window, but I like that the two move in the same direction (tailgate, rear window). It'd also simplify things for a project I'm working on.
  7. GraniteCrystal

    How bad does it sound without sub?

    Thinking of doing the subwoofer delete to gain some space in the rear for something new I'm working on. How bad does music sound without the sub? I realize this is subjective but curious who has done it and what their opinion is.
  8. GraniteCrystal

    C pillar ideas

    Installing RockHard C pillars. Ideas on how to put them to use? (besides rolling the Jeep) Fire extinguisher mount GoPro mount out the side Fishing rod rack (rods go horizontal between the two) Other ideas?
  9. GraniteCrystal

    What Jeep this?

    As seen in my local Eddie Bauer. A 4 door CJ? With a hard top of a Toyota? I like it whatever it is.
  10. GraniteCrystal

    Scott's 2 car garage build

    We're starting to move thru the process of buying a home. The one we're buying has a 2 car garage so I'll need to really optimize the space (was hoping for 3 car garage). Build will be similar to my JK: -quality and functional -nothing too crazy -most of it DIY -maximize space Here are some...
  11. GraniteCrystal

    Advice on buying house private party

    Looking at buying a house again. This one for sale by owner. We also don't have a realtor. Both of us hoping to save money by not having to use one. Anything I should be aware of? Obviously we'll get an inspection and an appraisal. Anything else?
  12. GraniteCrystal

    Sharkey opens a restaurant?

    The food was excellent. Located in Fraser, CO
  13. GraniteCrystal

    Electric JK coming 2020

    Just announced. Jeep making all electric JL coming in 2020. Thoughts? Edit: autocorrect screwed up my title
  14. GraniteCrystal

    Lock battery?

    I just woke up from a terrifying dream where my nice deep cycle Odyssey battery was stolen from my Jeep and I ended up in a gun fight with a few teenagers. Is there any common way of securing the battery so it's more difficult to steal?
  15. GraniteCrystal

    Can't trust Discount Tire for simplest of tasks

    It saddens me to write this, but after a company (maybe it's just one location?) repeatedly fails to perform the most simple of tasks in such a way as to put myself and my family in danger, I feel compelled to change who I do business with. As those who follow my build thread will remember, the...
  16. GraniteCrystal

    Tesla Semi

    Live stream unveiling starts now on their website. Curious to hear others thoughts.
  17. GraniteCrystal

    Cracks in JW Speaker headlights?

    Two reviews on Amazon both mention cracks. Anyone else seen this on the new J2s?
  18. GraniteCrystal

    Entire JL owners manual leaked
  19. GraniteCrystal

    Albuquerque balloon festival

    Went for the first time this morning. Enjoy some pics. It was magical. Easily one of the coolest things I've seen in person. Dawn patrol: Some of the more unique ones: 500 hot air balloons in the air
  20. GraniteCrystal

    Vasectomy for dogs

    First, did you know you can leave your dog "intact" (ie with his testicles) and get him a vasectomy? I had no idea. Second, if you've never heard of neuticles, that's your laugh for the day. Fake testicles to put into the dog's scrotum after being neutered. You know, for self-confidence reasons.
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