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  1. wjtstudios

    South Georgia Boy

    Welcome from Detroit
  2. wjtstudios

    89 days wasn't so long but new Jeep day!

  3. wjtstudios

    1st Jeep Wave from a 1st time Jeep owner - 2012 JK

    Welcome from Detroit
  4. wjtstudios

    Looking for a black King decal

    No worries, glad you found some
  5. wjtstudios

    Looking for a black King decal

    I’ve got one or two that I can send down. PM me you address and I’ll send them down.
  6. wjtstudios

    Yo from CT

    Welcome from Detroit
  7. wjtstudios

    Waving from OR

    Welcome from Detroit
  8. wjtstudios

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    Follow the money
  9. wjtstudios

    Big Ben's Big Mojave

    Turned out awesome Ben. 37s and a 2.5” look perfect on the JT.
  10. wjtstudios

    Hello from NY

    Welcome from Detroit
  11. wjtstudios

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    That was a massive tornado. So damn scary, especially at night when people couldn’t see it coming
  12. wjtstudios

    Hey Y’all

    Congrats, welcome from Detroit
  13. wjtstudios

    The build of my flag ship Black Pearl

    Awesome! Enjoy the Birthday escape
  14. wjtstudios


    Welcome from Detroit
  15. wjtstudios

    first post

    Welcome from Detroit tell us a bit about yourself and post up a picture of your Jeep
  16. wjtstudios

    Starting over, joined the JT club!

    Congrats Jorge! Great looking JT!
  17. wjtstudios

    Low range and won't go!

    Damn, the beards have escalated
  18. wjtstudios

    THANK YOU Discount Tire

    They’ve always been great with me, Jerry and the Rochester hills store are awesome!!
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