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  1. GraniteCrystal

    Anyone on FIRE path?

    Financial Independence Retire Early F.I.R.E Anyone here on track to achieve FIRE? Wife and I are working towards it. Next big step for us is paying our house off asap, then working on the nest egg to get 25x our yearly expenses. If not familiar, do some googling. Lots of stuff being written...
  2. GraniteCrystal

    VIDEO : JL JOURNAL - Dawn of a New Age

    Great video. That's super exciting. Congrats Eddie and Cindy. Random, but what is in the upper right in this shot? Right by the grab handle
  3. GraniteCrystal

    Doomsday clock now 2 minutes till midnight So...who's the most prepared to jump in their Jeep and bug out to a mountain hideaway?
  4. GraniteCrystal

    Dynatrac CODE1 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Build

    For anyone not on IG
  5. GraniteCrystal

    Moving - need to ditch stuff

    Front stock driveshaft Front and rear stock sway bar links Front and rear stock lower control arms 2" bump stops, new from JKS Stock drag link Stock track bar All parts located in Denver. All parts taken off my 2014 JKUR auto. Make me an offer, including beer, food, or other Jeep parts
  6. GraniteCrystal

    Show us your filter!

    So do I not have any?
  7. GraniteCrystal

    WTB: old grill

    Looking for some garage wall art. If anyone has some stock Jeep grills (JK or otherwise), let me know. Thanks.
  8. GraniteCrystal

    Random Photos

    Another pic
  9. GraniteCrystal

    GraniteCrystal build thread

    Thanks guys! Hope you each get to see it in person this summer!
  10. GraniteCrystal

    GraniteCrystal build thread

    Both lights in!
  11. GraniteCrystal

    Random Photos

    This is a first for me
  12. GraniteCrystal

    GraniteCrystal build thread

    I'll let you guess which is which
  13. GraniteCrystal

    GraniteCrystal build thread

    JW Speaker on the left. Stock headlight on the right. Wow.
  14. GraniteCrystal

    Watcha cookin'?

    Marinated beef mixed with pork sausage burgers, gouda cheese, guacamole, and fried egg. Side of tots.
  15. GraniteCrystal

    The creation of "Sweet Jane"

    That's very similar to my setup but stubby front and rear.
  16. GraniteCrystal

    GraniteCrystal build thread

    Well well well. What do we have here? Thanks Exodus Jeeps!
  17. GraniteCrystal

    Make your Jeep smart?

    Anyone tried this or something like this before? Sounds like it could be a nice little addition to the Jeep, if only for the OnStar type capabilities
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