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  1. CrazyTrainJK

    Synthetic Winch Line

    So, When do you replace your synthetic winch line ? Do you wait for it to break ? or is there a timeframe they should be replaced ? Was just looking at the Warn Spydura line to replace in kind but also looked at the new Yankum Rope winch line that has no metal ring on the end. What are you...
  2. CrazyTrainJK

    Moab Trip

    Good Morning all, We are taking our first trip to Moab and have planned some trails for three days. We are starting off with Onion Creek to Rose Garden Hill to Top of the World. Is Rose Garden hill as fun as it looks going up? Then day two is Hells Revenge and Fins & Things. Day three is Seven...
  3. CrazyTrainJK

    Brake Booster Fail

    Today started with me replacing my rotors and brake pads, front and rear. The pads required a break in and when I went to do the hard braking the first time was a little spongy but squalled the tires. The next 4 times I could push the pedal to the floor. I did not do anything with the calipers...
  4. CrazyTrainJK

    Ouray, CO July 29th to Aug 1st

    We have a local group heading out to Ouray the last week of July and we cannot wait. Never been to the area and really hoping some more of the mountain passes get opened up before we get there.:rock: Any suggestions on areas to wheel would be appreciated.
  5. CrazyTrainJK

    Launch Edition

    Well my Dad just took delivery of his launch edition today :rock: Already have winch plate and winch along with 35's. Cannot wait to take this one for a drive.
  6. CrazyTrainJK

    Windrock Weekend

    A few of us from our local club spent last weekend down at Windrock Offroad Park. :thumb: That place is huge We ran the 3 badge of honor trails with the last one being pretty fun since the skys opened up and rained all afternoon. Here are a few pictures from Windrock and Nemo Tunnel.
  7. CrazyTrainJK

    Patagonia M/T

    Does anyone have any experience with the Milestar Patagonia M/T tires? I have been watching quite a few youtube videos with someone running them with no issues but wondered ? The price is great on Discount Tire Direct for the 35" tires.
  8. CrazyTrainJK

    SMORR Weekend

    A few from our local group spent the weekend at Southern Missouri Offroad Ranch and had a great time. My son, which is 13yo, decided he wanted to use my camera and start taking photos. He took all the photos below. This is his first time using the camera. I think he did great. :yup:
  9. CrazyTrainJK

    Colorado Guide Book

    I have a question about the run times in this book, how accurate are they ? Planning a trip for 2019 and want to make sure I give us enough time.
  10. CrazyTrainJK

    Dirtylife Beadlock Wheels

    Just seen these wheels online and wondered if anyone on here has tried them out ? Look nice but will they perform like the KMC Machettes ?
  11. CrazyTrainJK

    Shawnee Forest Waterfall Run

    We had a great day running down to Southern Illinois and checking out the waterfalls. One thing I cannot believe is how many armadillo's are in Southern Illinois.
  12. CrazyTrainJK

    Badlands ORV 03/10/18

    Anyone living here in the rust belt just wanted to give a heads up we have a group of about 15 Jeeps headed over to Badlands ORV in Attica, IN on Saturday 03/10/18. We should be there around 10am eastern time.
  13. CrazyTrainJK

    Tailgate Hinge Rust

    While installing my EVO tire carrier I was very upset to find quite a bit of rust under the factory tailgate hinges. My 2015 is garage kept and usually drove on weekends only. Makes me wonder what else is rusting that I cannot see. I sanded it down and sprayed a clear coat on it before putting...
  14. CrazyTrainJK

    Shocks for Enforcer Lift

    Well, I have finally made my new years list up with one exception, the shocks. I know I don't have the budget to get King shocks but what else would you suggest? I am running 35"s and will have to stay there until budget comes along for a PR44 front axle. 1. Evo Enforcer Stage 1 3" lift 2. Evo...
  15. CrazyTrainJK

    Cool pickup

    Seen this today sitting behind a gas station :clap2: Would love to have it.
  16. CrazyTrainJK

    Hillbillie Ranch

    A group from our local jeep club went out yesterday and checked out a new offroad park near us. We all had a great time.:thumb:
  17. CrazyTrainJK

    Willy’s Wagon

    Just saw this and sounds like a pretty good deal but [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  18. CrazyTrainJK

    JEEP Factory Test Track

    Had a work trip to Toledo this week and had a chance to drive by the factory and see the employees out having a good time on the new test track:thumb:. Photos aren't the best.
  19. CrazyTrainJK

    2017 Peace Makers Run Springfield, IL

    Had a pretty good turn out of Jeeps today for the Peace Makers benefit run supporting Police and Military. The one that stood out was the 1948 Willys that was better than new:clap2: I fell in love with it. Here are a couple shots of the Jeeps.
  20. CrazyTrainJK

    Shawnee Forest Meet & Greet

    Had a great time meeting up with some local jeepers for a run around Shawnee National Forest.
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