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  1. rogerk93

    Can a grown man cry?

    It’s been a couple months now my Jeep has been broke with a blown motor from it overheating. So I sent it to the dealership and had them install a new motor, in the process they claimed my torque converter was damaged by a rock that got in even tho I didn’t experience any issues. So I had them...
  2. rogerk93

    Blown motor

    So as some of you know I’ve been having over heating issues with my Jeep, I replaced the thermostat and everything was fine for a couple of weeks then it came back with a vengeance. I was driving to jersey my Jeep completely overheated and before I even get the opportunity to pull to the...
  3. rogerk93

    Shit hits the fan!

    Last night my Jeep started to over heat while I was on the thruway I continue to drive for a carefully to reach the next exit so I can pullover but but my motor dies and I was forced to pull to the side. I waited a hour before I attempted to start it so it can cool down and it just cranks and...
  4. rogerk93

    Jk Overheating

    The past week my Jeep will start to overheat after 10 min into driving and randomly get back down to normal temp for a second then temperatures go right back up. I check the coolant reservoir and it is filled to the top which I did not add that much. When I checked the level in the radiator it...
  5. rogerk93

    Rausch creek 11/4/18

    So I took my buddy to rausch yesterday so he can finally wheel his new setup and for the most part it was a success. I did get stuck for the first time on tombstone slid off a rock and went up against a tree and my front and rear diff got caught in between rocks. Also my sway bar rotated...
  6. rogerk93

    Bds 3inch lift

    I just installed a bds 3inch in my buddies jk and I have to say it is a stupid simple lift to install, if you are only looking for the bare minimum and looks. I actually don’t think the kit is appropriate if you plan on building up your Jeep and wheeling often. They use spacers for the rear sway...
  7. rogerk93

    Is this an addiction

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  8. rogerk93

    What the hell is going on

    So I haven’t even solved the axle seal leak and a new problem came up. Today I started up the Jeep and the wipers went on for 2 seconds and turned off. I found that odd but didn’t pay mind to it. Then when I tried to put my music on my stereo was acting up it is an aftermarket one but never had...
  9. rogerk93

    After 4 years I finally pulled the trigger

    So after 4 years and a shit ton of upgrades I finally pulled the trigger on one of the most basic upgrade. a fresh pair of truck lite for the Jeep and I love it. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  10. rogerk93

    Axle seal leak

    I got me teraflex 60s about a year ago and been pretty satisfied with them but about 6 months ago I noticed my rear driver side axle seal leaking a little. It wasn’t much so I ignored it but now it is leaking pretty bad where you see it dripping from the dust shield. I don’t think it is normal...
  11. rogerk93

    Suspension binding

    I recently did the rebel extreme coil over conversion and have a issue I can’t figure out. After the conversion I flexed out my Jeep a few times but noticed that I am not able to stuff my wheel as much as before About 3 inches difference, and my down travel is kind of upsetting. There is a lot...
  12. rogerk93

    Steering feels sloppy

    The past week my steering has been sloppy, there has been a lot of play in the steering wheel and always have to work it while driving. I had someone turn the wheel back and forth as I checked all the ends and everything looked good except for my drag link end where the pitman arm is. I’m not...
  13. rogerk93

    Transfer case speed sensor

    I have a 14 Jku and a list of codes came up with speed sensors with the rear left wheel, front left wheel (changed a month ago) and a transfer case speed sensor. I can’t find any videos or write ups with the transfer case speed sensor if anyone has a write up or information on this I really...
  14. rogerk93

    Coil overs stop ring

    Ok so my coil overs came in today and I noticed that the stop ring are a few inches from the top which dosent seem right. If you guys have any pictures of where you have yours set or any insight to where I should have them set? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. rogerk93

    Rebel off-road extreme weld on coilover

    Ordered the rebel extreme weld on coilover for the back of my Jeep last week and I been doing my homework on tuning coil overs and there seems to be a lot, any advice from the guys who run coil overs already? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  16. rogerk93

    Engine oil leak

    A few days ago I noticed engine oil all over the transmission pan and bell housing I thought it was just old oil I might of spilled while doing my last oil change, but I checked my engine oil today and noticed it was low. I added a full quart of oil in it and going to keep an eye on it but any...
  17. rogerk93

    When is the next rausch trip?

    Haven’t gone wheeling with you guys in a while, when is the next rausch trip going to be? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  18. rogerk93

    Off road evolution tire carrier and corner guards

    So after I learned my lesson the expensive way of course I ordered a evo tire carrier and corner guards to replace my teraflex hinge carrier for my 40in. The teraflex started to rattle plus it doesn’t raise the tire enough for clearance so it hits my bumper. The question is in some pictures I...
  19. rogerk93

    Error code u140a and u0184

    About 4 months ago my abs light and traction control light came on and stayed on I replaced my driver side abs wire and it solved the problem for about a day. Both lights came on so I plugged in my superchips and seen it said passanger side was the issue. I replaced the passanger side and the...
  20. rogerk93

    Psc Big bore

    So I decided since I had to replace the gear box on my Jeep due to the sector shaft braking from an accident, i would pay the difference out of pocket to get the big bore installed instead. First thing I noticed right away was how much slower the steering was. Not a bad thing but something you...
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