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  1. JJ151

    Long Term Durability of JL Frame?

    Just bought a 2021 JLUR in early October and while I think I did a lot of research prior to my purchase, I started thinking more about the long term durability of the JL frame. I’m considering build options and would like to eventually run 40s on tons and coil overs. Recently I’ve seen quite a...
  2. JJ151

    AX15 v NV3550

    Trying to decide if I should replace my AX15 again or put in a NV3550 instead. NV4500 is not an option at this time. This is in a 98 TJ with a 5.3 LM7 and Atlas tcase. If anyone has specific info or links to info it would be appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  3. JJ151

    Bottle Jack Recommendations

    On several forum posts I have encountered members mentioning the use of a bottle jack over a Hi-Lift type jack. Conceptually this makes sense, but I have a couple questions. What type and lift height bottle jack is recommended and is there ever a situation where a Hi-Lift type jack would work...
  4. JJ151

    Axle Upgrade/Minimum Scrub Radius

    Installed brand be Dynatrac XD60s a couple weeks ago and can’t seem to figure out why I have death wobble above 45mph. Installed new MetalCloak adjustable control arms and trac bar on AEV 4.5” coil springs. New wheels are Hutchinson beadlocks with 5.28” of backspace. Based on videos I’ve seen...
  5. JJ151

    Tire Pressure/Traction Comparison Chart

    Found this chart showing traction improvement at different tire pressures. I didn’t check the math but the percentage improvement is impressive. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. JJ151

    Discount Tire Shout Out

    Just wanted to give the local Portland, Oregon area Discount Tire shop a big shout out. Last night my son who drives my ‘98 TJ tells me he can’t find the wheel key to the Gorilla lug nuts for his Jeep. He is suposed to leave to head back to the University of Wyoming the next morning. My son...
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