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  1. werks

    Mopar big brake kit

    Glad to help, I've learned a lot about this stuff the last 10 years or so. As a comparison to what we have been talking about here is a quick pic of a modern day 6 piston racing caliper. The technology that goes into this stuff is pretty crazy! The brake pad is over 1" thick, the pistons are...
  2. werks

    B-pillar Armor?

    I've had them on for a couple of years now. I have not actually hit anything against them yet but it was a really easy install and for how little they cost I figured it's cheap insurance if I do.
  3. werks

    The Weather Thread

    You are not kidding, I was there last week too and it was smoking hot there especially last Friday! I hit the pool that afternoon and just yesterday got rid of the serious case of bright pink, sunburned skin that mother nature rewarded me with in what seemed like mere momemnts. Oh and as far as...
  4. werks

    Big boy engine!!

    Nice, a fellow vette track rat:thumb: Here's mine: Please keep us in the loop on the build as I'm interested to hear how it works out. I have a spare LS7 laying around that I was thinking might make for an interesting low cost swap into the JKU down the road but with the dry sump system and...
  5. werks

    Tie Rod / Drag Link Recommendations??

    I'm researching steering upgrades for my '15 JKUR build and was curious what you guys are running and/or recommend as far as aftermarket Tie Rod & Drag links? It looks like Synergy is a popular choice and I see some mention of Currie set up ($$$) are these the best out there? Does anyone have...
  6. werks

    Advice on PR44 configuration?

    Hi guys, I have a '15 JKUR that I'm planning the build out on now and I've searched and after reading posts after post about axels being a newb to the Jeep world I seem to be getting more and more confused lol. So..... I figured I would pick the brains of the more knowledgeable users on here and...
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