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  1. Colorado4x4

    Fox 2.0 Shock Body Backed Off

    We were coming back from Moab and the San Juan’s last week and while driving 65 mph down 285 we started hearing a terrible banging sound coming from under my Jeep. I am friends with all of the sounds my Jeep makes and this was a new friend. I pulled over and found out that my new driver front...
  2. Colorado4x4

    Moog Drag Link Part Number?

    Hello! Several months back I ordered tie rod ends for my stock drag link to replace the stock worn ends. I have a flipped drag link and ordered the Crown RHD for the knuckle end and the Crown end for the pitman arm for the drag link. The pitman arm end for the drag link from Crown sucks. The...
  3. Colorado4x4

    Expert welders - advice please

    Greetings, I think we have some experienced welders here. I am trying to get better with my welds. A buddy of mine has a Lexus GX and he ordered a weld-together bumper from some offroad shop and I am going to weld it up for him. It is 3/16" plate steel that is CNC bent & cut so it should be...
  4. Colorado4x4

    Eddie, Moby is on my refrigerator and I just realized it

    I remember watching your Black Bear Pass video when it came out and loved that whole series! A couple years ago we ran Black Bear and then my buddy went into a shop in Ouray and bought me this little, thin wooden refrigerator magnet thing for Black Bear Pass. I will be damned if I didn’t look...
  5. Colorado4x4

    JL Front U-joint Break?

    I have a JK but I was curious. Say you’re wheeling and break a front driveshaft u-joint. You can get off the trail in 2 wheel drive. With the FAD system, shouldn’t you be able to just put it in 2WD and drive out? Or do the outer shafts still spin but isolate the differential from turning?
  6. Colorado4x4

    Cracked oil filter housing?

    Greetings! I recently saw just a little bit of oil on the passenger side of my transmission. No oil on the driver side of the transmission. I thought rear main seal but it looked like it’s coming from higher up. Maybe upper oil pan gasket? Then I found this. Is this the classic cracked...
  7. Colorado4x4

    Multiple Cylinder Misfire - Code P0300

    My 2016 Jeep JKU with 65,000 miles threw a code yesterday morning for P0300 - multiple cylinder misfire. This was while pulling out of the neighborhood on my commute to downtown Denver. I was idling down a small hill when the CEL came on. I cleared the code and made the 35 minute drive and it...
  8. Colorado4x4

    New 37s - 3 Choices

    Alright Wayalife, I basically have 3 options for new 37” MTs based on what is available near me and what I can get in the next couple of weeks. 1. BFG MT KM3 2. Falken Wildpeak MT 3. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss MT I had 38” Falken MTs on my old YJ crawler and loved them for crawling but not sure...
  9. Colorado4x4

    Moab BLM Land Use Lawsuit - PLEASE COMMENT

    Please comment on the BLM website to help keep Moab trails open. The Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is trying to shut down access to 330,000 acres of motorized recreation outside of Moab. This includes every trail west of Hwy 191 and north of Moab up to I-70. This includes Rusty Nail, Gold...
  10. Colorado4x4

    Anybody ran Hole in the Rock trail by Lake Powell?

    Has anyone ran this trail? My buddy wants to go run it and I am starting to gather info. The history certainly looks cool but there’s not much info out there. It’s not in Charles Wells book. There’s some videos online that look cool but I wanted to see if anyone here has ran it and what you...
  11. Colorado4x4

    Brake noise BS

    Check this out. I thought this noise was coming from my front end. I removed the front stock driveshaft (rzeppa boot torn) because I thought the driveshaft was making the noise. Nope. I found that it is coming from the rear driver side thanks to the GoPro. When I am in a turn and the weight...
  12. Colorado4x4

    Noise in front end - bad u-joints?

    I was wondering if anyone here would be able to help if you know what this sound might be? I’m hearing it on both driver and passenger front tires as they rotate. I can’t really hear it while driving unless I make a hard left turn at full steering lock. I don’t believe it is bad unit...
  13. Colorado4x4

    Hello from Castle Rock, Colorado!

    Hello guys! I’m sending a Jeep wave from Castle Rock, Colorado. I’ve been watching the Wayalife YouTube videos and thought I would come over.
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