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  1. Skid_Kid

    Suds of the Day

    With all the lame drama going on around here lately, here is a burst of epic coolness! I live in Eugene, Oregon. I used to live in SoCal and love Pizza Port Brewing. I had friends drive down there and they brought me back my favorite beer from Pizza Port, Chronic Ale! Today is a good day my friends!
  2. Skid_Kid

    Random Photos

    Took this on the way to work this morning.
  3. Skid_Kid

    Did a mud run for my first big group gathering

    Two pulleys, alternator, electric fan, clogged radiator and still having issue at times to to this day, this was a year ago.
  4. Skid_Kid

    Are People Really Buying WAYALIFE Decals from eBay, etsy, Bonanza, etc??

    America is turning into this......
  5. Skid_Kid

    Eddie Should Run a Forum for Me Because I'm a Badass

    Intone they so easily forget Brother.....
  6. Skid_Kid

    Jeep plates

  7. Skid_Kid

    Random Photos

  8. Skid_Kid

    Show your WHEELS!!

    ATX Ravine's
  9. Skid_Kid


    Thanks Wayalife and Rockhard for this opportunity! It would add more piece of mind to being safer out on the trail.
  10. Skid_Kid

    The Official I Hate wayoflife / Eddie Thread

    If you must know....
  11. Skid_Kid

    YARD SALE, who's buying my crap?

    This is fitting.....
  12. Skid_Kid

    Suds of the Day

    Enjoying an out of state tasty beverage in Oregon...
  13. Skid_Kid

    Johnson Valley Run Sun Dec. 20th.

    Ok so I meant Ashland...
  14. Skid_Kid

    THROWBACK THURSDAY - Show Us Pics of Your Jeep Back in the Day!

    Day Betty was delivered! The day after just cause Merica!
  15. Skid_Kid

    ENTER to WIN a Dynatrac ProGRIP Jeep JK Wrangler Brake System - ENDED

    My hats off and glass is raised to Dynatrac and Wayalife! Truly the gift of giving and the meaning of this time of year. Betty being the daily driver she is and constantly taking on the weather changes and road conditions of the PNW, this would be a huge upgrade! The ease of installation and...
  16. Skid_Kid

    Suds of the Day

    Being festive....
  17. Skid_Kid

    Random Photos

    Just fucking hilarious!
  18. Skid_Kid

    Northridge4x4 - REMOVED AS A VENDOR

    Here is a Facebook hater. Lmao. Maybe I should message them and invite them to the Oregon SnG....... Took her a few try's to get it the way she wanted. The comments
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