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  1. DA RUNT

    10A wheels and tires

    3,527 miles. Xlnt condition, been to the mall twice and the grocery store about 5 times. Local pickup or I can meet you within a reasonable distance
  2. DA RUNT

    Slabs and TPMS?

    Any of you running the TPMS with your slabs or did you just run standard stems and disable the function. I have the Flashcal so I could just turn it off, wondering which way to go when I mount everything up. :hmm: Thanks.
  3. DA RUNT

    Maximus-3 Tire Carrier questions

    Has anyone seen the new carrier they have out? Or tried any of their products? It mounts to the stock hinge bolts and opens with the tailgate. Rated for a 35-40" tire. Just wondering about the quality and durability.
  4. DA RUNT

    Lockpick Question

    Has anyone ran a lockpick for the RHB Uconnect 430N with a manual trans? I'm having trouble finding one, everything I have seen so far is for an auto trans. I want to be able to play a movie while I drive (for passenger) and hook up a rear cam. :idontknow:
  5. DA RUNT

    Customer service

    I wanted to let everyone know the EVO had outstanding customer service!!! I'm unable to call and ask questions but Drew worked with me via email, answered all my questions, got me a great price and completed my order all in a matter of minutes. Thanks Drew Travis
  6. DA RUNT

    37's+ and brake question

    Hi, my names Travis and I'm a Jeepaholic. Was wondering what everyone with larger tires has done to improve stopping distance. I'm only going to be running 37's on a 13 JKUR but would still like to be able to stop quick, fast and in a hurry if need be. Are the factory brakes sufficient for 37's...
  7. DA RUNT

    Northridge gearpackage

    Just curious if anyone has installed or used these and if you have any feedback. Looking at a re-gear soon and exploring all my options. I'll be putting 5.13's in a 13 JKUR with about 2500 miles on the odometer. Here's a link to the product gears
  8. DA RUNT

    Rear license plate relocator

    Gonna move mine and I'm curious if everyone makes their own relocation bracket or if there's a preferred brand. Thanks
  9. DA RUNT


    Thinking about getting this for MY flex :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:
  10. DA RUNT

    Need a translator

    I emailed my network ops to report an outage, and this was his response.
  11. DA RUNT

    Ghe-O Rescue

    This thing is a beast! :rock:
  12. DA RUNT

    Howzit from Spanaway,WA

    Not new to wayalife but just moved to Spanaway from Hawaii. So if your cruising the PNW and see a black 2dr. Throwing out a Shaka, that's me \m/
  13. DA RUNT

    Not a valid image file

    Getting this message every time I try to upload a picture from my iPhone, just starting doing this a couple days ago. I've never had a problem uploading any images in the past. All the pics are .jpeg Any ideas?
  14. DA RUNT

    Like button

    I think we should have one for this thread :2thumbsup:
  15. DA RUNT


    Nice write up on his new shoes in Jan 4wheel & Offroad
  16. DA RUNT

    too much?

    I may need to trim my fenders just a bit ;)
  17. DA RUNT

    Links in signature

    I notice in some peoples signatures they have a name or phrase and if you click it, it takes you to that site. How do you set that up without just displaying the link? Thanks :thinking:
  18. DA RUNT

    12 Rubicon Stock Springs & Shocks

    I have the factory springs and shocks off of our 12 2dr. Rubicon available. Would like to sell them locally, but will look into shipping costs if someone in the states wants them. They were on the Jeep about 5k miles and are in xlnt condition. They are the 14/56 coils. $100
  19. DA RUNT

    J.E. REEL 1350 Front DS

    Installed this on da runt today and after I was done road tested it. No noise or other issues, but in 4WD on a slow left or right it feels like the jeep is going up and down a bit. Could just be cause I was drinkin honey :honey: Any ideas or suggestions for when i check it in the morning...
  20. DA RUNT

    Armadillo liner

    Finally finished, turned out nice and this stuff is tuff. Great texture!!!
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