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  1. -AINOKEA-

    Free: JK Tailgate Hinges

    Free JK/JKU tailgate hinges with covers. Just pay shipping. I’m sure they’ll fit in a flat rate usps box so I’m guessing it’ll be under $30 or so within CONUS. No hardware. Bright White color.
  2. -AINOKEA-

    JK Revolution Rear Axle Shafts

    ***SOLD*** I just sold the JKU and never got to install them. These are 32 spline and will only work if you have a factory rear locker. Brand new in box, though box was opened and sat the in the garage for a couple years. I have no idea what shipping is from Hawaii so just make an offer. Pm me...
  3. -AINOKEA-

    Happy 246th birthday!

    To all Marines past and present, happy birthday! Rah
  4. -AINOKEA-

    JT Fridge Mounting?

    My next build phase is working towards the bed of the JT, and I’m trying to figure out where and how to mount an ARB Elements fridge in the bed. I want it to be secure so it’s not bouncing around (or easily stolen) and also easily removable for when I need the full bed space. Just looking for...
  5. -AINOKEA-

    Gladiator Tire Carriers

    Alrighty so since another thread on bed racks got derailed and transitioned to tire carriers, I thought I’d just start a tire carrier thread since it seems to be a hot topic item that so far has been lacking on the JT. So far outside of custom options, the upcoming LOD on the bottom rack seems...
  6. -AINOKEA-

    Spicer ball joints?

    Has anyone used these ball joints yet? I’m in the market for new ones and came across these with a zerk fitting on it to keep it greased. Curious on what you all think of them or if I should get something like crowns...
  7. -AINOKEA-

    JTR shocks and EVO 2.5” extensions

    ****GONE**** Have a set of Stock JTR fox shocks and EVO 2.5” shock extensions if anyone wants them. Just pay the shipping and they’re yours. Shocks have just under 5800 miles on them and still work great. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  8. -AINOKEA-

    Body bolt won’t thread back in.

    Alright guys, as some of you have seen, I’m having a helluva time getting these evo bombers installed. Not issues with the product, but more so my lack of experience. Anyway, I loosened the rear most body bolt a little too much, so it dropped out. When I stick it back up there, there’s nothing...
  9. -AINOKEA-

    Best wishes

    Just wanted to say that I’m sorry for your loss and hope it isn’t too bad. I really hope you guys are able to get up and running again soon. Best wishes. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  10. -AINOKEA-

    808 JTR on order

    Well, it happened. Decided to bite the bullet and order a JTR for the boss lady. Our tundra is getting old and quite frankly, while it’s done great for us over the past 12 years, it’s not very practical for us anymore (too big for the islands and 2wd). Plan on selling her car as well once the JT...
  11. -AINOKEA-

    Waikiki Dinner Recommendations?

    Hopped to a different island for the week. Any recommendations around Waikiki for dinner? Not looking to spend a fortune but wanna try some good eats. 🤙🏽 Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. -AINOKEA-

    Gladiator pricing revealed?

    Just saw this on the inter webs... haven’t seen the “official” announcement from Jeep, but this posted 4 hours ago. If this site is not allowed I’ll haze myself. [emoji482] Sent from my...
  13. -AINOKEA-

    Switch-pro help

    Hey all. I just finished installing an sp-9100 tonight but I’m having a little trouble with the backlighting. As soon as I put the ignition on ACC or on, the backlighting goes to full bright. As soon as I enter the backlighting settings on the app it dims down to what the setting is at, but...
  14. -AINOKEA-

    What is this part?

    Anyone know what this part is? Recently had some engine work done at the dealer. Found this sitting in the front bumper air dam. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  15. -AINOKEA-

    BNIB J.W. Speaker tails

    Accidentally ordered 2 sets. Only needed one. Brand new in box J.W. speaker LED tails. $200+ shipping. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  16. -AINOKEA-

    New overheating issues after submersion

    Alright so given my recent (and stupid) decision to make a nearly 4 foot deep and 100 foot long river crossing to get home the other night, I’m looking for some input as so what is causing my new overheating issues that started today. Sequence of events today: I drove the Jeep and dropped the...
  17. -AINOKEA-

    A new eruption just started here in Hawaii

    Hey all. Just thought some might like to see that a new eruption just started here in a neighborhood. In this picture at the bottom you can see a paved road that this flow came up through. No photo credit to me, but I’m planning to get as close as I can tomorrow and at least fly my drone in to...
  18. -AINOKEA-

    Front left turn signal problem

    Hello all. So I’ve been having a weird issue with my front left turn signal and I don’t know anything about electronics so I’m hoping to get some help here before I take it to the stealership. When I turn on the left turn signal, it will blink 9 times, then give me the warning the front left...
  19. -AINOKEA-

    Evo control arm play

    Sorry if this was addressed elsewhere, but I’ve been getting a lot of front end chatter lately. Recently installed evo enforcer 3” w/ draglink flip. Been getting a little chatter over the past couple weeks. Torqued everything yesterday after 500 miles, got about a 1/4 turn from the lca bolts and...
  20. -AINOKEA-

    Sad day for this Jeep

    Just saw this on the local news. Bummer. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
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