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  1. Spazbyt

    Best Place to live for Jeepers

    in California...
  2. Spazbyt

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

  3. Spazbyt

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    The Nürburgring
  4. Spazbyt

    Hello from VA !

    Jeep wave from Missouri.
  5. Spazbyt

    What did you name your Jeep?

    Had to make some, cuts...
  6. Spazbyt

    Hello Alabama

    Hi, would you like to buy my stuff? (y)
  7. Spazbyt

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    These guys are geniuses!
  8. Spazbyt

    Hello from Arizona!

    Jeep wave from Missouri.
  9. Spazbyt

    Hello from Tennessee.

    Jeep wave from missouri
  10. Spazbyt

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Jeep wave from Missiouri!
  11. Spazbyt

    Preset tire deflators?

    I have a set of Staun tire deflators. They work great. Pros: Simple to use, simple design, they take up almost no room, accurate, set it and forget it. Maybe a Con: getting them set takes a few extra minutes but after that, I have never messed with them again.
  12. Spazbyt

    Favorite Quotes...From Ben Franklin Or Whomever...

    "I may be dumb but I got an idea" - Unknown "I may die to regret this" - Unknown "Not only could this kill me it will hurt the whole time I'm dying" - Unknown
  13. Spazbyt

    Greetings from Brentwood NorCal

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
  14. Spazbyt

    J13 IOD-MAIN Fuse?

    Ok, last night I put the doors back on and charged the battery. I locked the doors and removed the key for more than 12 hours. I'm still pulling 2 amps. I pulled the head unit and that dropped the amps down to 1.15 but I'm not sure why the head unit would be pulling an amp by itself when the...
  15. Spazbyt

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    I just hope if I get busted for drugs in Russia there will be this much fuss.
  16. Spazbyt

    Weld on Lower Control Arm Skids?

    I think they are talking about PR44s not needing contole arm skids.
  17. Spazbyt

    PSC and RPM upgrade - Now steering is too sensitive over 50 MPH

    Sorry, it's a bad joke. For real though, good luck with your problem. I'm looking into hydro some time in the future and was curious what the drive was like.
  18. Spazbyt

    Hello from Oklahoma!!!

    Jeep wave from Missouri!
  19. Spazbyt

    J13 IOD-MAIN Fuse?

    Ill try that tonight. Thanks for the help.(y)
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