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  1. metalic

    2016 throttle pisses me off

    My wife’s 16 will cut power when tires spinning trying to get out mid hole or up obstacle. I know it’s the traction control but is there anyway to completely shut it off? I’ve read about adding a switch to the purple/light blue wire in center console. Is this the only way to bypass it?
  2. metalic

    Adding to the stable

    Picked up one for the stable Couldn’t pass it up and the 16yr old has latched on to it
  3. metalic

    ISO 2.5 Front shocks

    After a slight accident and bending a shock shaft I'm needing a set of front shocks ISO KING, FOX, 2.5 front shocks with a collapsed measurement of around 17". Unfortunately right now is not a good time to be buying new shocks
  4. metalic

    Hard top nuts

    Buying a hardtop for my wife’s Jeep but they don’t have the nuts that clip into the body. Anyone have a set laying around? Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  5. metalic

    ISO king sliders.

    Im looking for 4 king C/O sliders Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. metalic

    Camping trailer

    Offroad trailer with Tepui rooftop tent 37” pro computer tires on 17” black steel wheels 5x5 JK pattern Tongue storage box Daystar Cam can water and storage box All LED lights $3800 obo Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. metalic

    Rear Brake lines

    I’m currently running RK/Crown rear lines that are 27.25”. I need longer lines and only see Teraflex 30” Anyone know of any other lines that are 30” or longer?
  8. metalic


    Badlands (Attica, IN) Anybody planning a trip to Badlands anytime soon?
  9. metalic

    Accelerator issues

    I've been battling an issue and trying to figure it out. If I crusie a steady speed my engine drips to idle and my pedal doesn't respond. If I cycle my key everything goes back to normal. I'm not getting any codes I replaced the pedal assembly after hooking to a scanner and watching live feed...
  10. metalic

    Badlands Oct. 20th

    Thinking about heading to Badlands (Attica, IN) for the weekend if a couple friend can make it. Anybody feel up to hitting a couple trails?
  11. metalic

    G2 wheel spacers

    1.5" 5x5 spacers Nothing wrong just removed them since. Adding a few lug nuts to each corner and these no longer fit. $125 obo Will ship
  12. metalic

    ISO 8 lug 17" Alminum beadlocks

    Looking for wheels from my trail rig to beat up
  13. metalic

    5 - 17" 5x5 pro chambers

    5 ATX beadlocks I purchased 3 months ago. 1 has never been on vehicle and 4 have 1 trip on them. Only selling because I'm going to 8 lug Picture of each wheel that has rash on rings. 5th is perfect Let's start @ $1500 obo
  14. metalic

    Pro chamber

    I'm going to be listing up five Pro Chambers 5x5 as soon as I get a chance to take some pictures. I bought them 3 months ago they have one Wheeling trip on them so there's some rock rash on the rings of four of them. What would be a fair price to ask?
  15. metalic

    From and rear axles

    Bought a buddies Jeep and going to swap my 44s from our other JK into this one and build tons. Axles have less than 10k on them. Front Dana Ultimate 44 4:88 E locker spicer chromoly shafts Artec truss and C gussets All 1/4 brackets Tabbed for hydro assist Rear factory 44 4:88 E locker Yukon...
  16. metalic

    New toy

    Decided to send the Renny Trailhawk away and park a second JKU in it's spot. Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  17. metalic


    Lookimg to buy a set of aluminum 5x5 beadlocks. Will buy new if can't find any but hate to since they'll only get trashed lol Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  18. metalic

    Let's talk U joints

    I have chromoly shafts and had Spicer solid joints. Broke a U joint this weekend and looking at replacement options. 1. Spicer solid 2. USA alloy 3. Nitro chromoly 4. CTM 5. Sell shafts and go RCV Would like to hear real world opinions from others that has ran these options. Sent from my...
  19. metalic

    Falcon shock

    Just saw this on a local Facebook jeep page. Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
  20. metalic

    50qt ARB fridge

    Can you get this and what kind of price? Thanks Sent from my SM-G930V using WAYALIFE mobile app
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