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  1. jorgelrod

    Any good simple trails around Pigeon Forge?

    My wife and I are planning on visiting Pigeon Forge for Thanksgiving. I'm wondering if there are any trails worth visiting. The gladiator is still stock and we will be alone so not looking at stuff that is so technical I might end up getting stuck while riding alone.
  2. jorgelrod

    Lightbar to Mopar aux switch question

    I'm looking at a small 10 inch light bar for when driving in the boonies, I have a question on connecting to the Mopar Aux switch. THis is what the manual shows. This is their Wiring Diagram Do I have to connect both the red and blue to the mopar switch lead? The fact that it says Blue...
  3. jorgelrod

    Question for those running a Warn 10K VR on the Rubicon steel bumper.

    I'm planning on going with a Steel OEM bumper to replace my JT plastic bumper, when making my parts list I found that there is a Fairlead Adapter Plate For Centered Winch - Mopar (82215528AB) and a Mopar Winch Fairlead Adapter Plate Off-Center (82215527AB) Can someone confirm if the one I need...
  4. jorgelrod

    Anyone running a wireless Apple Carplay adapter on their JT

    I'm going to buy the Tuffy center console for the JT. I currently use the center console USB port for my phone and want to keep using that one instead of havong the Media cover open and using the one by the aux buttons. I was looking at this unit on Amazon, but wondering if anyone has run it or...
  5. jorgelrod

    Engine clatter

    I know the 3.6 have the tick they develop from the rollers. I have started noticing an engine clatter when I'm accelerating, most noticeable between the 2-3k rpm range. I plan to schedule an appointment with the dealership when I get back from a work trip since the jeep only has 7800 miles. I'm...
  6. jorgelrod

    Getting a new engine on my wife's Corolla courtesy of the dealership

    Yesterday we went to the dealership to have my wife's 15 Corolla's Oil and filter change done. We left to eat and came back after they called to tell us the car was ready. I paid for the service, gave my wife the keys and she drove off the dealer lot. She got as far as the next light before the...
  7. jorgelrod

    Anybody running the Evo 2.5 Overland stage 3?

    I'm looking at lifts to do probably in the fall. I was considering the AEV Dualsport but I started looking at the EVO 2.5 setups, there is a $500 jump from stage 2 to 3 and the only difference according to Evo is the rear upper adjustable arms. no other 2.5 inch lift has those so I'm thinking...
  8. jorgelrod

    Transfer case shifter and leg room question

    I'm a large guy and when I'm driving my leg rests against the T-Case shifter. On the JK the shifter had lateral play as even in 2H it could swing to the right to where it goes when you are going to switch to 4-LO. On the JT in 2H it won't swing to the right. I'm worried the weight of my leg...
  9. jorgelrod

    Does anyone know what this is?

    Found it on the inside of my swaybar disconnect skid plate this morning when filling up.
  10. jorgelrod

    Line-X Questions

    I plan to Line-X the bed soon, I also want to add the 110V connector on the bed. I saw the videos and besides having to remove half of the dash to replace the bezel where the switch goes it looks simple enough. Should I wait until I do this to Line-X the Bed, or does it not matter? Second...
  11. jorgelrod

    LIne-X price range

    My JT bed is not bed lined, I'm planning to get it Line-Xed but want to know what are avg prices I can expect. I want too make sure I don't get raped, this is my first time lining a vehicle.
  12. jorgelrod

    Starting over, joined the JT club!

    Here she is, a white Rubi, not a lot of frills, but it has everything that is important. Looking forward to this new project.
  13. jorgelrod

    SOLD:2014 Wrangler Sport S on 37s 124k miles

    The time has finally come, I'm putting the jeep up for sale. It is and amazing rig, but I'm ready to move on to another project. The Jeep is in great shape and built using all the experience gained on the forum. Everything listed is staying with the jeep. Asking $40,000 Warn Powerplant 12000...
  14. jorgelrod

    Question on JT Cruise control

    Do I get basic cruise control on the JT if I don't get the adaptive cruise control or do I have to get the adaptive to get cruise control period? I can live without the adaptive crap, but not cruise control. Already started looking as I'm ready to start posting the JK for sale on different...
  15. jorgelrod

    Tired of the Jeep leaving me stranded, help me value it so I can sell it

    Took my wife for the holidays to the North Georgia mountains for Thanksgiving, I turned jeep on and it starred spewing oil like the oil cooler failed, that was replaced only three years ago. I've lost faith in taking the Jeep on long trips, as my daily I can't have this. Help me put a fair...
  16. jorgelrod

    Finally jumped to 37's

    It's been a long road, but I finally got to 37's after six years going from 33's to 35's and finally jumped on the new 35's aka 37's Also jumped from Coopers to Nittos
  17. jorgelrod

    Cooper STT Pros more expensive than Nitto

    Wow, I was checking out prices for 37 inch tires at discount tire. When I got my 35s I went to STT Pros because they were cheaper but still a good American made tire. I was shocked to see how tire prices have spiked post covid, an almost $400 difference between the Coopers and Nittos in a 5 tire...
  18. jorgelrod

    Left side steering and rear steering wheel controls stopped working

    Just got on the jeep to run an errand and and the controls on the left side of the steering wheel and the ones on the back stopped working. I can't change the menu, answer the phone l, change tracks or volume. Cruise control on the right is working perfectly. I'm leaving tomorrow for work and...
  19. jorgelrod

    Big Bore XD adventure Kit

    My next big upgrade is a PSC steering box. I have some slop on my OEM box and now that I'm going to 37's on my next set of tires the choice is pretty much done. I've been looking at this kit and there's a $455 difference between having a ported and non ported box. I'm 95% convinced I won't go...
  20. jorgelrod

    Rubicon 392 with a full time transfer case and cv joints in the front?

    Was looking at a couple of videos from people out in moab, it looks like Jeep decided to save the stock axles from all the torque on the 392 by using the grand cherokee t-case and cv axles in the front. I'm stoked that jeep did a 392 jeep but these two things I'm not super convinced I would want...
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