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  1. Bear_JT

    Picked up a high millage v10

    Looks like a decent truck. Hopefully it serves you well. The tints not that dark, you can still see through it 😎.
  2. Bear_JT

    Hello from Washington state

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  3. Bear_JT

    High Clearence Bumper & Sway Bar Recommendations

    I agree. Plus the 1/4 Pounder is really strong
  4. Bear_JT

    Anyone running a wireless Apple Carplay adapter on their JT

    I didn’t know those existed. Let us know how it works. That would be handy and get rid of the cord clutter.
  5. Bear_JT

    37's on 2" Lift ?

    I ran 35’s on my last Gladiator without a lift and had to trim a little fender just so it wouldn’t rub while turning and going in or out of a driveway. Id say even with the 2” lift 37’s would be ok but you’re probably going to rub with little articulation; especially with wheel spacers.
  6. Bear_JT

    Hello from VA !

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  7. Bear_JT

    Hello from Tennessee.

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  8. Bear_JT

    Diff Skid Plates? Recommendations?

    I have the Rancho and it’s done pretty well so far.
  9. Bear_JT

    Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  10. Bear_JT

    Dale's 2021 JT sport build not named yet

    Ouch! Hopefully they get it taken care of quick.
  11. Bear_JT

    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  12. Bear_JT

    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  13. Bear_JT

    Hello from Oklahoma!!!

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  14. Bear_JT

    Hi from Minnesota! 👋🏼

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  15. Bear_JT

    New bear (Gladiator) in the cave

    Thanks Dale! I was bouncing between the two also but finally decided on the Rubicon for the front locker.
  16. Bear_JT

    New bear (Gladiator) in the cave

    First mods, first.
  17. Bear_JT

    Hello From Carson City Nevada

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  18. Bear_JT

    Hreeting from North Texas

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  19. Bear_JT

    Hello from West Point, NY

    Welcome to Wayalife.
  20. Bear_JT

    $3k for a re gear?

    I had 4wp do my re-gear on my JK a few years ago and was not happy at all with them or their work. They even stripped out 2 of my lugs and didn’t tell me. They went as far as saying my bearings had spun in the housing and would not warranty their labor if anything went wrong down the road. Like...
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