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  1. shadowpaige64507

    Feels like brakes are applied when no pressure on pedal

    I've got a strange one I'm trying to figure out. I've recently changed a lot of things on my jeep. Front steering draglink, trackbar, tie rod, added Redneck Ram, new beadlocks with STT 37" Tires. Issue I'm now having and not sure when it started is that it feels like my jeep is braking while...
  2. shadowpaige64507

    Replacing steering gear box and didn't lock down steering wheel

    Ok, so I make a rookie mistake. I removed my steering gear box and didn't tie down my steering wheel. The steering was off when I looked at it in the vehicle. Am I screwed and now have to buy a new clock spring? Or can i gently turn the wheel until I feel tension and go the other way until...
  3. shadowpaige64507

    Aged Tires

    A somewhat local shop near me has some Maxxis Buckshot Mudder II's for sell. The are the size I prefer 37 x 13.5 x 17. I have never looked into this brand before, other than just skimming some posts on this forum. The date code is 3617 which I assume is the 37 week in 2017. He said they have...
  4. shadowpaige64507

    JK's in Hawaii

    Anyone know why the JK's and JKU's in Hawaii (Maui) have a JK sticker right after the Wrangler decal. Looks like it comes from the factory that way. Almost everyone had it. I've never seen that on the Mainland. I think I took a photo. I'll see if I can find it.
  5. shadowpaige64507

    K & N Maintenance

    How often is everyone cleaning their K & N Filters? I've got 87K on my jeep and never cleaned it. I did a quick search on the internet and K & N recommends every 50K.
  6. shadowpaige64507

    E-brake line attachment at rear tub

    What is everyone doing in regards to re attaching the e-brake lines to the tub, above the rear axle area after installing a lift? I just un threaded the bolts as low as they could go but still be secure. I've noticed they are rubbing pretty bad on the coil mounts. I've attached a photo from...
  7. shadowpaige64507

    Renagade pickup?

  8. shadowpaige64507

    Bump Steer - Is it a matter of time?

    I hear a lot of people talking about bump steer. To my understanding it is because of the front components are at a more drastic angle because of lifting the frame. I'm told when going over bumps or pot holes the jeep will pull to one side. I added a 3-1/2" lift to my JKUR and have never...
  9. shadowpaige64507

    Kansas Rocks (2/27)

    Anyone from here going to K-Rocks this Saturday? Going to be nice weather, 67 degrees for the high.
  10. shadowpaige64507

    Harbor Freight 440lb Electric Hoist - Leaving Hardtop up

    Question for anyone using the Harbor Freight or any electric hoist. Do you just hoist it up and not worry about it? or do you provide additional support after raising up? I assume the brake system is fine for holding the load, just curious on others thoughts. I plan on leaving my top on it...
  11. shadowpaige64507

    People make mistakes, it's how you own up to them that counts!

    I have to say, I'm inspired by people on this site. There have been a several times since I joined that someone didn't read the rules and did something stupid. Like post something for sale! Most new people get super defensive and start firing back (which never works out in their favor) others...
  12. shadowpaige64507

    Who's Jeep is This?

    Guy from KC just picked up this nice LJ. Anyone recognize it? From near Memphis
  13. shadowpaige64507

    Hydro assist

    At what point do you need hydro assist? Meaning I have 35's and don't feel like I need it. Do you think 37's would need the help? Ps. Sorry if this is one of those questions asked a hundred times already.
  14. shadowpaige64507

    Hard wire winch controls in Jeep?

    Thinking about hard wiring my winch controls to a dash mounted switch in cab. Anyone have experience with this? Any downsides? I would still like the option to use my remote outside the vehicle but would like the convenience of a dash mounted switch. Not sure if winch brand matters with...
  15. shadowpaige64507

    Ifs jk

    This picture might already be on here but thought I'd share in case it wasn't.
  16. shadowpaige64507

    Oct 17-18th Central Missouri Off-Road Park

    I just saw that Central Mo ORP is a having their third event this October. Anyone planning on going? I went to the one back in July and had fun. I'm on the fence but will most likely go. Let me now if anyone wants to meet up. NOTE: To be clear, this is no SMORR caliber park. Only about 400...
  17. shadowpaige64507

    2012 Engine Code

    So I had the check engine light come on today. I've felt like Tucker has been running funny for the last few weeks. I checked the code and got the engine misfire. My problem is when I unplugged the programmer it cleared the code. I've been told Chrysler won't fix it if the code is not tripped...
  18. shadowpaige64507

    JK C Gussets install help

    Just got a quote to install the C gussets on my JK. Shop wants $410. From all the peoples remarks on here I was expecting the $150-300 range. They were going to remove my ball joints (which I'm ok with) and do an alignment afterwords. Said it would be 4 hours and $85 for the alignment. Was...
  19. shadowpaige64507

    New tires now drifts to the left

    Just upgraded to 35" tires today. Now the jeep drifts to the left. Not drastic just an ever so casual drift. I checked my toe in and it's 1/4". From reading Eddie's write up it should be 1/16 to 1/8". I would think with that much toe in it wouldn't drift. Anyone have this happen or know what...
  20. shadowpaige64507

    My other Hobby is a Jeep

    Thought it would be interesting to see what members are interested in (hobbies) other than of-course Jeeps. For me my top 3 hobbies are: Jeeps Woodworking Brewing Beer
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