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  1. Hilop

    Cracks in Coopers

    Hello I was washing my Jeep this weekend and spotted some cracks in the sidewalls. Are these anything to be concerned about? There’s more than these two. They were produced in 2018. Thanks
  2. Hilop

    Knuckles and odd tire wear

    Hello I’m running into a couple issues I could use a little help with. - I recently changed my TRE’s on my RK HD chromoly tie rod with the referenced one from Eddies write up but the driver side shaft protrudes passed the ideal height for the cotter pin through the castle nut. I did have to...
  3. Hilop

    Jk 4” plush rides & Crossmember skid

    I have a set of EVO 4” plush rides with Air rite airbags only used 2 trips. $225 for the coils without airbags OBO Evo Crossmember Skid used but functional $90 OBO Thanks located in Fontana, CA
  4. Hilop

    Fox rear reservoir location

    I just installed my new to me Fox 2.0 with reservoirs on my Jeep and noticed that the reservoirs are in harms way. Where’s everyone mounting there’s? I googled and searched and seen someone that mounted them on the rear sway bar but it didn’t seem right. Thanks
  5. Hilop

    Rock Krawler tie rod end

    Hello, I just installed a set of RK tie rod ends on my old tie rod. The castle nuts are way below the cotter pin hole. Has anyone experienced this and any suggestions would be appreciated. My old TRE’s are in good shape, thinking of cleaning and reinstalling. Thanks
  6. Hilop

    Trona Pinnicles and Barker Ranch

    Took the family out to Trona Pinnacles and Barker Ranch(Charles Manson Hideout) for the weekend.
  7. Hilop

    Rust on Rubi locker and in diff fluid

    Hello fellas, Today I was doing a little prep work and was checking my differential fluid and seen rust. I confirmed this by the rust on my rubicon locker. Do you guys think I’ll have any mechanical issues with a clean and fill? I found another thread on here with rust issues in his diff but...
  8. Hilop

    Air ride bags or Heavy duty coils?

    Fellas I’m looking for some experiences/suggestions to level out my Jeep when we’re packed down with 3 growing kids, wife and all our gear. When all is said and done, I have about and inch of space between bump and joust in the rear which is leading to sway and bottoming out. Has anyone used...
  9. Hilop

    Stock Rear 4 Door Driveshaft

    Looking for a rear 4 door stock driveshaft in SoCal. Damaged mine today on Holcomb. Thanks
  10. Hilop

    WTB 17” Raceline beadlock rings

    Looking for a set of 17” raceline beadlock rings new or used, steel or aluminum. Thanks
  11. Hilop

    Need help asap!

    Hello fellas, I’m currently stranded in Moab with blown Synergy drag link ball joint ends. Does anyone know if I can use parts available from Napa? Thanks
  12. Hilop

    Rock Krawler HD tie rod alignment issues

    Hello Fellas, I currently am running the older RK HD tie rod and can’t seem to get the 1/16-1/8” toe in. Every time I adjust either end one revolution it seems the tie rod won’t go less than a 1/4”. I’ve always done my own alignments and have never had an issue but I just can’t get this on...
  13. Hilop

    3” Plush rides, bumpstops and Procal

    Hello all, I have a few items for sale located in SoCal. 3” EVO Plush Rides for 07-18 JK & JKU in very good condition with 2” bumpstops front and rear. Sold to MSJKU11-thanks AEV ProCal for 2012-18 JK in great condition and unlocked. $100 Shipped For faster response 626-260-5237 Thanks
  14. Hilop

    3” or 4” Plush Rides?

    Hello Fellas, I’ve been going back and forth about swapping out my 3” plush rides with 4” for a little added up travel. I have a family of 5 and when I’m fully loaded I have about a half inch to a inch of up travel, I’m not a go fast desert runner, mostly moderate rock crawling and exploring. I...
  15. Hilop

    WTB 1 used 37x12.5x17 tire for spare.Socal

    Hi Fellas, as title states I’m in need of a used 37” tire as a spare. Prefer a Cooper STT Pro but let me know what you have. Thanks
  16. Hilop

    Concerns with 488’s and 37’s.

    Hello, I just moved up to 37’s and had a couple questions about my 488 gearing. I have a 13 JKU sport with Rubi 44’s front and rear, draglink flip and Trackbar relocation. 1) Will I be ok rock crawling any of the tougher trails in Big bear and comparable trails in Moab. 2) What mods should I...
  17. Hilop

    Help with new suspension setup

    Hello fellas, Well, I’m in the market for a new lift kit. I was performing a visual inspection of all my suspension components and found cracks in my OEM control arms, coils are sagging as shocks are slightly leaking. I currently have Rubi 44’s, 3” BDS coils, Teraflex LCA’s, 1310 Front DS...
  18. Hilop

    RK Trackbar & Synergy Trackbar relo compatability?

    Hello, I currently have a RK Trackbar attached to OEM mount. I was about to pick up a Synergy Trackbar relocation bracket from a guy but noticed on Synergy’s description that the TB need to be collapsed to OEM length to work. My question is, will my track bar collapse to fit this bracket? Thanks
  19. Hilop

    leaking steering stabilizer help

    Rancho, I have a leaking SS and need a little help. I recently moved, during the move I lost my receipt for the warranty.The shop I bought it from recently switched to a new system and of course, don’t have it in their system. Is all hope lost? Thanks
  20. Hilop

    Free OEM front end parts Fontana

    Free Trackbar in good shape Sold Tie rod end ( only long side) Sold Draglink end ( knuckle side only) Sold Stock Front Upper and lower Control Arms Stock Spare tire carrier Located in Fontana
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