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    Random Photos

    so this is the first picture of my son (#12) on the sideline at Cornell. not playing yet, but exciting non-the-less... andrew-
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    Cocktail Hour

    this is a bottle of FireBall ... andrew-
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    semi "built" D30

    okay so to use the words "built" and "D30" in the same sentence is a bit of a stretch, but hey, if you aint "stretchen", you aint tryin... I have a semi "built D30" that I would like to get rid of... 5.13 gears (ya I know.....) ARB diff cover (black) eVo .44 MAG sleeves eVo C-gussets eVo...
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    so finally got the front 44 all bolted up.... BTW - F'ING HOTTTT!!! andrew-
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    Watcha cookin'?

    tritip foe the wrenching boys... andrew-
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    2013 JK-Experience

    this is the EXP ONE "plate" mount... and you can bolt the RotoPax mount to that plate... EXP makes a "Gerry Can" mount for their "Gerry Cans", but as I said, they are H2O only as of now....
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    a few more stickers for SIOUX... andrew-
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    Lets see stickers !

    couple of new ones... andrew-
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    Suds of the Day

    when in rome... Ithaca Beer Co. - cascazilla dont ask me what it is, just know it is delicious... andrew-
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    Random Photos

    a few more... andrew-
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    Random Photos

    random campus fotos andrew-
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    Random Photos

    how do you know you are on the east coast (well other than living in the Amish future)... andrew-
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    Suds of the Day

    at LAX waiting for our flight andrew-
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    Girl on girl action!!!

    frank is that you....???? andrew-
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    Random Photos

    read it and weep hippies! AUGUST 7th in the INLAND EMPIRE... yep, 73° at 1125 andrew-
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    Let's see your hat.

    this could also go in the 101 uses for your bolt-on (weld-on) cage thread.... wait, is there one :confused: andrew-
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    35" Nitto TG's on Black M/T Side Biters

    he put on the cheer uniform after he was done... does this count? andrew-
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    This is YOUR thread...

    i am thinking that this is fitting after todays activities... andrew-
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    Random Photos

    who doesnt love care packages from friends??? andrew-
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