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    I was just in Cartagena, Colombia. Met a new friend who restored a beautiful 1954 Willy's. Driving this little guy in Colombia is probably the scariest thing I have experienced. Just thought I would share my trip.

    Road Trip

    Hey family, I am getting ready to head out on a road trip from Jacksonville, NC to Minnetonka, MN. Right now my route takes me through Virginia, West Virginia, south Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Anyone have any must do ideas for along the way? Maybe a trail or two???

    HAPPY 4th of JULY : How are You Celebrating America's 239th Birthday?

    Hanging out in New Bern, NC w/ friends. Caballero wanted to join in on the fun.

    BrankZ thread This is what I used on mine. I just made a bracket to connect the fender to the support rib to keep it from flapping down the road.

    Where did your Jeep take You this Week?

    Freeman Park, Carolina Bch, NC

    HAPPY Fathers Day!!

    Had a great time with the family at Freeman Park. Saw another wayalifer out here too. Hope they had a great day as well.

    Blinker Mod for 2013

    I installed mine with LED lights. I used the OP video to do mine. When the lights are off, they act as a blinker light as well. But when the lights are on, they are back to being side markers. No they do not blink with the turn signal at that point. Don't know why, but I'm sure it has to do...

    Need name ideas


    Let's all show off our summer style!

    Completely naked. And lovin it.

    Summer time

    Totally topless!!!

    Where did you mount your Cobra 29 model cb radio?

    May be a bit late on this, but, here you go. Should be a similar set up to yours.

    Cut Fender Thread

    I used a piece of sheet metal and attached it with some rivots. Then I bolted the side marker lights to keep it looking clean.

    Cut Fender Thread

    Woke up this morning and decided it was time. So, I cut my front bumper. Here she is. Marked up, ready for... ...the first cut. Huala. Feedback is crucial for future improvement.

    Cutting fender flares.

    Done sir done I placed a bracket attaching the support ribs to the fender using the side markers to keep the fenders from flapping everywhere.

    Cobra 29LX CB

    Completed my CB install. Wires tucked away and hidden. SWR metered by a local CB shop. So I have read that channel 4 is popular channel amongst Jeepers. Do you use your CB only on the trails, or do you have other applications.

    Show off your WAYALIFE Decals!

    Have this black on black thing going on with my stickers. I like it.

    Show off your WAYALIFE Decals!

    Put these bad bears on about a week ago now.

    Jeep camping

    Out camping out along New River. Ready for a great weekend.
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