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  1. RCVRY

    Quitting Smoking

    I’m quitting cigarettes (again). Tomorrow will be ground zero so apologies in advance for obscenities, general disgruntlement and anything else I throw your way. I’ve developed almost chronic bronchitis and with young kids it’s starting to scare me. I don’t want this crutch anymore. I’m...
  2. RCVRY


    I’ve had some electrical gremlins for about a year now. Battery and alternator tested fine. Dash lights go crazy, alert signal dings, headlights flicker, etc. Happens two maybe three times, then everything’s fine. Today it started something new: the usual lights and dings then nothing. Dead...
  3. RCVRY

    Careers that Support our WOL

    Just wondering what other members do 9 to 5. Has this thread been started? I’d be surprised if it hasn’t. I’ll start/contribute: I started as warehouse operator, overhead crane, in pipe and tubing distribution. Learned to operate band saws and abrasive saws, went into hot dip galvanizing...
  4. RCVRY

    CBD Oil

    Has anyone ever tried this stuff for pain relief? I’ve got chronic hip and shoulder pain and have been eating ibuprofen like candy for years. I’ve done physical therapy over and over but it always comes back. I think it’s because of how I sleep. Is it snake oil? Not trying to get high but...
  5. RCVRY

    Humboldt Strong

    Sorry if this has been posted. Watching my game tonight and realized I haven’t paid tribute on my forum. One year ago today. Distracted driving claims innocent lives. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. RCVRY


    I’m pulling the carpet from my JK. Done in my YJ with no complaints but now I have short people sitting south and some concerns about chafing on their sensitive skin. Seriously I have kids sitting in the back seat and I’d like them to be comfortable. Any suggestions for a 2 door with no carpet...
  7. RCVRY

    Daystar Hood Wrangler Write Up

    My 2011 JK Hood Flutter was giving me butterflies going down the highway; so it was time for a remedy. Ordering from Amazon was made easy thanks to Wayalife and they arrived in short order. They come in black and red which are the usual colors for automotive urethane. I have seen other colors of...
  8. RCVRY

    Rebates/Sales Events?

    Are we expecting anything in the near future before I pull the trigger on the 2"Progressive kit? Sent from my SM-G930T using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. RCVRY

    Battery or ???

    Throwing the P0562 Low voltage code. Test shows battery "needs to charge" and alternator is good. 6 years, 54k miles on the stock battery? Outside temps have been -0 lately, but I still have the stock battery from 2007 w/120k miles in my wifes Honda. Disappointing... Sent from my SM-G930T using...
  10. RCVRY

    Measuring Lift

    I bought my 2011 used and the previous owner did some work to it. I'm fairly certain the suspension is aftermarket because the springs are red and the shocks are Fox 2.0. Is there a point which could be measured to determine the size of the lift? Sent from my SM-G930T using WAYALIFE mobile app
  11. RCVRY

    Wave from NW Indiana

    Former YJ guy just scratched the Jeep itch with an '11 JK. It's got a lift with red springs and Fox 2.0's. Looks to be about 2" above stock. Not sure what brand. Drives a little squirlley on the street but handles well enough for the highway. I'm still learning about coil spring suspension and...
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