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  1. Elroy231

    Coops for sale

    I have 5, 305x70x18 Cooper stt pros for sale. 1 has never seen pavement the other 4 have about 1500 miles. They come with the wheels there mounted on. 5 on 5 bolt pattern. I have wheel adapters to run them on 5 on 4.5 also. Asking 1000$ for all 5 . I have never wheeled with the tires. I...
  2. Elroy231

    Winter tires

    Wanted to thank Don and the guys at Discount tire. Got some Hankook ipike tires on my sons car. Its his first winter driving and I wanted him to have some good tires to get thru our lovely N. Michigan winters. My wife took him to get the tires done and she didn't really want the tire protection...
  3. Elroy231

    A TJ called The Lion

    In December 2018 I bought my first jeep wrangler. A 2002 jeep wrangler sport. A week later I discovered the frame was no good. In January 2019 I bought my 1999 jeep warangler sport. It came home tame. Then came the first round of "upgrades". Rough country 2.5 lift with 2 inch spacers...
  4. Elroy231

    Project Silverback

    Bought this YJ last weekend. I originally planned to take the axels for my TJ as it has a dana 60 in the rear and a dana 44 up front. Perfect for El Polo Lion. They still are. My brother and I talked it over and decided we are going to keep the YJ and build it. He has a 03 gmc 2500 with the 8.1...
  5. Elroy231

    New shoes on

    Finally got em on. Sent from my SM-G965U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  6. Elroy231

    New coopers

    Just got done ordering my new cooper discoverer stt pros!!! Don and Doug were both very helpful. I'm very appreciative of a good price and great service! Excited to have 5 new tires for my jeep! Sent from my SM-G965U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  7. Elroy231

    New trac bar

    Got a new jks trac bar today. Thanks, Bubba, for the assist on that!! . Couldn't have been easier! Sent from my SM-G965U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  8. Elroy231


    My wife, Sterling and I will be having a baby in december. Shes 41 and I'm 42 so we didnt really have this planned but still excited to announce it. Sent from my SM-G965U using WAYALIFE mobile app
  9. Elroy231

    Cooper stt pro

    Looking for opinions on Cooper stt pros. Found a guys with a set of 35s. Never mounted. Can get em for well under retail. I see alot of guys on here use or have used them. Wondering how they will do winter wheeling. What's the over all impression of the tire from you guys that use them? Sent...
  10. Elroy231

    Project Tj

    This is the first jeep I bought. 2 weeks after purchase it came into the shop for lift. At that point I discovered the frame was junk. The whole passenger side of the frame had been eaten away by rust. Some asshole filled It with expanding foam and painted it nice. It looked as tho someone...
  11. Elroy231

    Tj pride

    Thanks for the add. Just wanted to say hello from traverse city. Hope to see more of yall out on the trails. Sent from my SM-G965U using WAYALIFE mobile app
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