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  1. 2014UnlimitedRubicon

    Rubicon trail summer of 2022

    The Rubicon Trail is definitely on my bucket list and would like to go in 2022. I'd like to go with some experienced off roader, no newbies. I've been wheeling for about 7 years, my experience is overland camping. I run trails all over AZ and So Cal from easy, moderate and hard. I don't have...
  2. 2014UnlimitedRubicon

    Hey Eddie! Hope your doing well. I finally sold my JK and upgraded to the JL Diesel. I'm...

    Hey Eddie! Hope your doing well. I finally sold my JK and upgraded to the JL Diesel. I'm thinking about putting an off road overland trip together up in your area and was wondering if you can give me some ideas of cool places to check out. I'll definitely be passing through Virginia City...
  3. 2014UnlimitedRubicon


    Thanks, Merry Christmas to you as well.
  4. 2014UnlimitedRubicon

    Question regarding swaybar disconnect link

    Eddie, I have another question for you, I have a 2014 JK Rubicon, I need to replace my stock swaybar disconnecting link. What do you recommend? I did the upgrade to the EVO disconnect that is connected to my ARB air compressor, but its time to change the disconnect links now. Mine keep...
  5. 2014UnlimitedRubicon

    3 Day Off Road Expedition Trails

    I'm interested in finding 3 or 4 day off road expedition trails throughs Southern California or Arizona. Trials such as the Mojave Trail or the Great Western Trail. Not just fire roads that go on for hundreds of miles. Let me know if anyone can recommend some cool adventure trails.
  6. 2014UnlimitedRubicon

    What's going on in So Cal this weekend, April 26?

    I want to see if anyone interested in hitting up some trail this weekend is So Cal.
  7. 2014UnlimitedRubicon

    Ron from Orange, CA

    Hello Everyone, I just signed up on the site. I recently purchase a 2014 Unlimited Rubicon, I'm new to the Jeep community and am interested in meeting new people and having some new experiences. A few years back I rented a Jeep while vacationing in Hawaii, I was hooked and wanted to buy one...
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