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  1. benatc1

    Please READ THE RETURN POLICY Before Placing Your Order

    Yea that’s def been installed and poorly handled, but hey the customer is supposed to always be right, Right? Lol best of luck not taking the hit on that.
  2. benatc1

    HighwayTrout's build

    Looks good, hope they were smooth going in
  3. benatc1

    Anyone installed the EVO Overland Control Arm Brackets?

    I put the evo drop brackets on my JT, I don’t recall having to grind anything but if I did it was minimal, but the install was very straight fwd. I really liked the result of feel when driving with the brackets installed. Made it feel stock again. As far as bleeding brakes, let them drip bleed...
  4. benatc1

    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    We’ve had a good rain at he house 4 out of the last 5 nights, which has actually been kinda nice, but that sunset was awesome last night
  5. benatc1

    show your sunrise/sunset pictures

    Caught this in my backyard yesterday, after a little rain storm
  6. benatc1

    Long Arms (and Coilovers)

    Now this is something to look fwd to!
  7. benatc1

    Synergy Front Upper & Lower control arms JL/JT

    Have been planning on keeping these but decided to go straight to HC Long arms when the time comes. I originally bought these of another member, they have never been installed, just sitting in my garage and are currently out of box but still in wrapping, brand new, Will sell them shipped for...
  8. benatc1

    Dale's 2021 JT sport build not named yet

    Nice, did you keep all your parts?
  9. benatc1

    EVO Alumilite Front Bumper

    It’s not currently installed on a jeep, had to maneuver car situation but let me see what pics I can find. If I recall correctly you do not have to make any cuts, unlike the quarter pounder, Which is also a great bumper, and it also does not fit quite as tight as quarter pounder. While I prefer...
  10. benatc1

    EVO Alumilite Front Bumper

    It’s pretty nice, super light, but you certainly pay for it
  11. benatc1

    Axle upgrade

    Was thinking the same thing, I’ve seen rubicon take offs around me from 4-6k depending how how much work was into them. In most cases brakes too, hell of a lot cheaper than 14k
  12. benatc1

    EVO Alumilite Front Bumper

    Here are some with the hoop but no skid. Never installed without the hoop but you get the idea. I really love this bumper, saving it for my next jeep
  13. benatc1

    Dale's 2021 JT sport build not named yet

    Dude, you’ve had a lot of a bad luck lately with shipping ect
  14. benatc1

    WAYALIFE on the GO : Miscellaneous Photos from Cindy & Eddie!

    That’s crazy! The one time it rains in Nevada in the summer…
  15. benatc1

    VIDEO : The Other Rubicon PART 2 - Taking on the Sluice Boxes & More

    Definitely fun to watch the second half, nice to see a little Tessa footage as well. Thanks for sharing!
  16. benatc1

    Pop up videos

    Im not saying anyone is active or not or what level people consider active, I just remember when the mobile site re-released ads were an “issue”. The answer was the more active you are, and in posting, ect, not just scrolling. The less ads you will see. Not sure if that algorithm still exists...
  17. benatc1

    Pop up videos

    I could be wrong, but I believe the more active you are the less ads you see.
  18. benatc1


    Looks good man!
  19. benatc1

    VIDEO : The Other Rubicon PART 1 - Wentworth Springs to the Soup Bowl

    Agreed, Alex was just saying when we were watching how she really wanted to camp at rubicon springs again.
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