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  1. Texas Nick

    Smaller than a Renegade? Wonder if this is the reason why they were ceasing the sales of that SxS brand that was to look like the older gen wrangler? [emoji848]
  2. Texas Nick

    Wrangler lawsuit Thought you guys would get a kick out of the comment section of this thing. Laughed a little too hard at one in specific [emoji28]
  3. Texas Nick

    Safety hazard Come on guys.. this is super dangerous, plz stap it..
  4. Texas Nick

    JKU Hardtop

    Im selling my textured black hardtop off of my 14 JKU. It has the rear defroster/ wiper, has 5% tint and comes with all the hardware. It has minor pin striping from being on the trail, but other than that its in good condition. Selling to ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY. Im asking $950 for it and ill throw...
  5. Texas Nick

    Barnwell Mountain Run 11/25

    A little last minute, but Im gonna be making a run to Barnwell this Friday after Thanksgiving. Im only going to be able to wheel that day. Then spend the night camping and more than likely take off first thing Saturday morning. Anyone is welcome to join, i was just going to take it easy and more...
  6. Texas Nick

    The Jeep Life

    Hello fellow Wayalifers! I was browsing on the ole Youtube, and happened to have stumbled on this video. I feel like this video really tells a tale of what was, and is the Jeeping life. Yes Jeeps are more common than oxygen now a days, and not everyone that buys one knows or even cares about the...
  7. Texas Nick

    What is needed to run a winch

    Alright guys, i have a winch on order and have been thinking. Do i need to have some type of spod to run the winch? Would i be fine just connecting it straight to the battery, or would that cause it to die? Would the battery last? Or would i have to leave it unplugged until the time arrises for...
  8. Texas Nick

    Headlight bezel screws

    Well some how i lost 4 total screws for the headlights.. Guess i didnt tighten them enough the last time i put them back on. I was noticing my driver side light was moving a lot just driving at night. Sure enough, it only had one screw barely holding it on. Anyone have an idea on what size the...
  9. Texas Nick

    Ball joints

    As the title states, i was wondering if anyone knew the torque specs on the upper and lower ball joint? Im about to start the replacing of them and hadnt found exact numbers. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Texas Nick

    Dial indicator

    Alright guys i have a question. I just bought a Dial Indicator and was wondering two things. 1. Where can I buy a holder for the Dial Indicator. 2. Where do i set up the Indicator to measure the balljoint movement? On the actual BJ, or on the knuckle?
  11. Texas Nick

    Metal Cloak

    Funny, I was rummaging around Youtube looking at Jeeps/off road videos. Came across this certain one and saw a couple of comments that made me laugh. Then i saw this one and really had a good chuckle. Now dont get me wrong, ive never owned either lift but, i dont think ive ever seen a jeep...
  12. Texas Nick

    Tie Rod and Drag link

    hey all, i wanted to know if anyone knows the measurements of the stock drag link and tie rod. i installed new ends on the drag link and had a brain fart and forgot to measure the length of them before changing the ends out. :greyno:.
  13. Texas Nick


    just saw this today. very interesting.
  14. Texas Nick

    does this looks normal?

    hey guys, i was tightening stuff up on the jeep today and found this im not sure if this is normal because the front passenger side is the only one that does this. i tried to find loose bolts on the suspension or brakes and calipers. i...
  15. Texas Nick

    what brand diff oil for 2014

    just as the title states, im curious to know what kind of gear oil yall are using for a 2014? i looked under my jkur today and noticed a little puddle of watery oil and thought i bent a tube up front. but looked a little closer and noticed my axle breather tube popped out. so i was a little...
  16. Texas Nick

    need some advise

    hey guys. ive noticed since i bought/ installed my Dominion SS relocation bracket about a month and a half or so ago. that my ride quality from the front of the suspension got just a tad bit rougher. and as of 3-4 weeks ago, its been feeling worse, i feel all of the bumps on the road, and when i...
  17. Texas Nick

    2-2.5 in lift jkur

    hey guys, im thinking of lifting my 2014 JKUR 2-2.5 inches. ive done a lot of reading on here if you go past 3 inches you have to change your front drive shaft. well i wanted to lift my wrangler without having to change it, atleast until i lift it at its final stage of 4 inches (but that isn't...
  18. Texas Nick

    Hello from Texas !

    Hello everyone, new wrangler owner here and first post on Wayalife. I recently bought a brand new white 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. I had one ordered from the dealership and took about a month to arrive, so not bad at all :D Looking forward to meeting people on the forum and maybe...
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