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  1. Andy5160

    JL Wrangler Coolant

    Can anyone clarify which coolant from Mopar is right for the JL. I looked at the owners manual and from what I understand JL uses concentrated version 10 years 150k miles which needs to be diluted with distilled water. Mopar also sells 50x50 prediluted version however I am not sure it can be...
  2. Andy5160

    JL Drain Plugs

    All, I just came up over something that bothered me for a long time. Since I bought the Jeep. Mine came with the rubber mats and as you may know they can be rinsed off as long as the actual plugs under the carpet are removed. Well I did not have the plugs under the carpet, Mopar mats just...
  3. Andy5160

    JL Soft Top. OEM Premium Twill VS Bestop Supertop Ultra

    Planning on getting one and would appreciate some feedback, pros and cons as well. Thank you
  4. Andy5160

    ABS and Brake lights blinking

    Recently I started to have an issue with both lights blinking at cold start. Jeep is parked on a bit sloped driveway facing down. So I start the jeep and then drive like four feet so the wife can get in and during that drive lights are blinking and brake pedal gets soft and drops down but still...
  5. Andy5160

    DanaSpicer driveshaft Wrangler JL

    Question for you guys. On Spicer site link below they advertise that both 1310 and 1350 are for 0-6 lift however when you scroll down a bit under 1310 application(part #10020345) it does say 0-6 lift and provides two length numbers 35.9 / 40.5. Now if you scroll down to 1350 under application...
  6. Andy5160

    Aftermarket AUX switches factory location JL and JT

    Was searching Amazon for some items and came across Voswitch JL300. Looks interesting for the price and the amount of switches. Figured I’ll post it and may be someone will give them a try. Sent from my iPad using WAYALIFE
  7. Andy5160

    What an amazing service and shopping experience

    Here is my shout out to DT. I have to say they never disappoint. Dealing with Matt was a blast but here is more. I was pricing the tires some time around Thanks Giving time but did not pull the trigger at the time so last week I write to Matt and he says prices gone up a bit since last time we...
  8. Andy5160

    Synergy Drag Link Flip Kit

    I was looking over Synergy site last night and I do see they came up with the flip kit. Anyone tested it yet and can share some information? I am getting enforcer 3.5 installed soon and it sounds like not a bad idea to get the kit and then wait for it [emoji23][emoji23] Thanks Sent from my...
  9. Andy5160

    EVO Enforcer JL Rubicon 2.5 or 3.5?

    So here is the question I been having for a long time. 2.5 vs 3.5 with 37’s on JLUR. My major concern is fenders rubbing. Just don’t want to deal with it so what do you think? Which one should I go with? I wanted to go straight to coilovers but the idea of servicing them and being left without a...
  10. Andy5160

    Storage JK items sale and more

    Hey everyone. I believe I am active enough to post here [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]. If you interested in what I have it is yours as long as you are active. If you are Not active member you can go and suck someone’s banana. So here we go: 1. JK EVO vent delete plate New $18 plus shipping Sold...
  11. Andy5160

    Jeepless no more

    Soooo, After almost three years withdrawal I am finally back. Picked up 2020 JLUR. Couldn’t be happier. After lunch will go and add a few decals because who does not want extra horse power[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Then tomorrow I should be able to install a few things which I accumulated...
  12. Andy5160

    Rusty’s vs EVO hinged tire carrier

    Ok I would like to hear from you guys mostly on Rusty’s carrier. My plan down the road is to go up to 40’s on a JL. EVO advertises their carrier to hold up to 37 tire and rusty’s one goes up to 40 inches. So I guess my question is it safe and practical to have such a big tire on hinged carrier...
  13. Andy5160

    2014 Rubicon Unlimited X

    With a heavy heart i came to the point where i have to sell my jeep.It has 63000 miles. Jeep comes with a body color hard top. Below is the list of upgrades i did: 1.3.5 Rubicon Express lift paired with Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks 2.EVO drag link flip kit 3.ATX Slabs beadlock rims 4.Toyo Open...
  14. Andy5160

    Security Indicator Light

    Guys, That red light on the picture started to blink. Any idea what the issue might be?
  15. Andy5160

    Deadly Crash

    On my way to the office earlier this morning I came to the stand still to see life what you can see by clicking the link below.
  16. Andy5160

    Should there be a limit on drivers age??????

    So two weeks ago one of the residents of the building that i menage who is pushing 90 simply stepped on the gas of her red Mustang went through the garage door, across the street where she moved parked car, through the iron fence of the property next door which i happened to be in charge of and...
  17. Andy5160

    Broken bolt on the oil pan

    Guys, I fucked up today and broke the head of one of the bolts while installing EVO oil pan skid. After Cozdude pointed me into the right direction on how to extract broken bolt I am still interested In your opinions and tools suggestions. Ty
  18. Andy5160

    Atx slabs wrong install

    So here is my story which I wanted to share and hopefully someone out there can benefit from my experience. I got my 35's and the Slabs through a guy who knew a guy. So the second guy had a shop and mounted tires on the rims the way he felt was the right way. So here I am wheeling my Jeep with...
  19. Andy5160

    2014 jkrux radiator coolant leak

    So last week i have noticed coolant leak on the driver side radiator corner.It was dripping into the skid plate. I looked around the radiator and nearest hoses,parts, an expansion tank and could not find the source.Thank's to the extended warranty i took the jeep to the dealer yesterday it only...
  20. Andy5160

    Tie Rod Assembly Outer Link

    Guys, Please take a look at the picture i know it is not crucial but needs to be done. Fist, Is such issue covered under warranty? If it is not covered what would you recommend to replace with. It is strange that sense i installed the lift i had an axel seal leak and now this Any way thank...
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