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  1. jeeeep

    New Limited Edition Earl Gray Gladiator

    doesn't the new bronco come in that color? I think it's close and not a bad looking color.
  2. jeeeep

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    would be funnier if it wasn't so close to the truth
  3. jeeeep

    JL Step Options

    I agree with Disciple, I was looking for a drop down step to replace the LOD sliders before having double knee replacement and was able to check out the AMP steps on another Jeep, IMO AMP are not designed for off-road use and the guy informed me they were stuck in the down position because the...
  4. jeeeep

    CB & GMRS antenna location

    would that work with a cb antenna next to it?
  5. jeeeep

    Hi folks new to the forum. Love the name.

    Welcome to Wayalife from Texas Can't wait to see your ride on 38's!
  6. jeeeep

    Hey wayalife gang :)

    Welcome from Texas (y)
  7. jeeeep

    Hello From Atlanta

    Welcome from Texas
  8. jeeeep

    Hi WAYALIFE Forum!

    Welcome from Texas, I've got a double 2 door (y)
  9. jeeeep

    Hello from Staten Island

    Welcome from Texas
  10. jeeeep

    Hola from Houston

    Welcome neighbor
  11. jeeeep

    Random Photos

    doesn't look like a goose or nene?
  12. jeeeep

    Start button

    don't know how cold your mornings are, but when it's cold the fob doesn't communicate and needs to be warmed up. The guys at the valet lot I use tell me it's common with all stop/start vehicle fobs once the weather gets cold (40* or less) Fob sucks, I've had it loose communications while...
  13. jeeeep

    Random Internet Shit you've come across

    when I started paying attention to politics in my 20's, I realized what a 2-faced racist POS this man was, still is. zero respect
  14. jeeeep

    Ball Joints?

    nothing wrong with synergy. Like anything else with a zerk fitting, they require regular maintenance; without it they will fail earlier than they should. you mentioned it's your girls JK? does she keep up with maintenance? wheel it? On my daughter's JK which sees dirt roads at most, I replaced...
  15. jeeeep

    What was done to your rig this week?

    I have to do this soon on the 2015, not looking forward to it.
  16. jeeeep

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    is imu the cooking pit? what's under the covering?
  17. jeeeep

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

    trans turkey? is that how they do it?? Happy Thanksgiving!
  18. jeeeep

    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome from Texas, must have been one hell of trail all she got out was djagit (y)
  19. jeeeep


    Howdy back from Texas
  20. jeeeep

    Random (non-Jeep) Shit You’re Working On....

    nice work! every time I've bought furniture and look at how it's assembled it pisses me off. so much over-priced crap out there,
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