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  1. Peak

    Warn VR Gen II

    Warn recently released their 2nd gen of the VR series. I know it's still new but if anyone has more info on them please let me know. I'm curious if these are made in China like the first gen VR's. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  2. Peak

    3.8L Auto Trans Dipstick Removal?

    Anyone know how to remove the dipstick? I'm in the middle of replacing the EGR valve and the dipstick is taking up all the space on the last bolt. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Peak

    Sway Bar Upgrade

    So I eventually plan on upgrading my front sway bar. Both options that I'm looking at are roughly the same price Used Rubicon Electric Sway Bar avg $300 Longer Links $80 EVO No imits $90 Or Currie Anitrock Aluminum $550 Feedback on either system would be great, thanks!
  4. Peak

    CJ7 Electrical Issue

    So me and my uncle are preparing for a trip and lately he's been having some electrical issues in his CJ7. Whenever he goes over a bump or dip the radio and cb shut off and reboot a few seconds later. Also we noticed the horn won't work during that time either. Radio and CB are ran straight to...
  5. Peak

    Paint Matching

    I plan on painting my some armor to color match my stone white 2 door. I will be air brushing it myself, my question is how much paint do you think I will need for the upper part of the tube fenders, full corners (no flare), and evo rock skins. I plan on purchasing the paint from...
  6. Peak

    13.50 Width Tires ?

    I'd like to pick up some 37/13.50/17 Toyos eventually and I'm curious if my wheels would fit. They are 17x8 4.5 bs, I'm also running 1.5" spacers. I've heard it's a hit or miss. What do you guys think?
  7. Peak

    Garage Clear Out

    I have a few things taking up some room that Id like to get rid of. I'd rather not ship but I am willing to depending on the part. If you want shipping calculate it from 92881 and shoot me a PM. Thanks. 4 stock sport wheels with TPMS - Free Stock sport spare - Free Stock tire carrier - Free...
  8. Peak

    Seat removal help

    I'm in the middle of installing Mastercraft seats upfront in my 2 door. The driver side seat has the seat belt harness thing, I removed the harness but there is a black piece that looks sort of like a relay on the frame of the seat that I can't remove. Part of the harness was connected to it and...
  9. Peak

    Jeep Beach West 2015

    Anyone going to this? I think I might head out there It's at Pismo Beach, June 13-14
  10. Peak

    3" Lift Advice

    Hey everyone! I've got a 2 door JK auto sitting on a 2.5" RC budget boost and I'm wanting to upgrade. The plan is 3" EVO Plush Coils Bilstein 5100 or Ranch 9000XL Shocks Bump Stops Steel Brake Lines EVO Drag Link Flip Is there anything else I need? I know a 2 door requires more than a 4 door...
  11. Peak

    Squealing noise from the rear

    I've had this jeep for about 8 months and when I first got it I noticed a squealing noise when I'd accelerate but it wasn't to bad so I just though nothing of it. It sounded like a belt from up front but I wasn't to sure. I haven't heard that sound in months but all of a sudden today I hear the...
  12. Peak

    Body Mounted Tire Carrier Tips

    I plan on building a tube tire carrier which would be mounted to the body. I have a design in mind just curious if you guys have any advice on how to securely mount it to the body. Thanks!
  13. Peak

    Interior Upgrades

    Everyone see's the outside, but the inside doesn't get too much love. Show off your interior upgrades...suspensions seats, seat covers, custom grab handles, bed liner, etc... I'll start! I have no interior mods on my JK but I will post some of the Cj7
  14. Peak

    Building Peak

    Decided it was about that time to start keeping track of my build on here...a little background story, got my first Jeep when i was 16 (1984 Cj7) had that for 2 years built it as much as i could. Back in August of 2014 I decided that i was going to need a more reliable and dependable car for...
  15. Peak

    Top 10 Favorite Mods

    What are your favorite mods thus far? This should be able to help me and and other new members plan out our builds! May also give more attention to mods that don't have too much spotlight yet. So far with my JK I've only got a few mods but I'll start :) 1. 5.13 Gears 2. 37 KM2 Tires 3. EVO C's...
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