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  1. black pearl

    Driveline length

    So when I got my gears put in. They told me my rear driveline was too long. Now I don’t disagree with them. The numbers do show it can be a little shorter. the Jeep driveline space Ride hight 44” Full droop 42 3/4” driveline fully compressed 42 1/2 😬 now my mental dilemma. I don’t have...
  2. black pearl

    Coilover questions.

    So I’m new to coilovers themselves. I’ve always had coils or leaf springs. So I need a little bit of education on them. First what do I do with the two lock rings inside the coils, if anything. Can I move them to get more preload? On that same note. If I were to get a stiffer spring rate for...
  3. black pearl

    Evo rear lower control arms

    So I’m trying to button up my lift. I’m have issues with my passenger side lower control arm. I made sure they were both the same Length. The drivers side wasn’t bad. Had to trim just a little out of the frame side mount. The passenger side has been a nightmare. Between the lower mount being...
  4. black pearl

    Psc big bore xd steering box.

    This is probably gone over , here some place. I’m not good with the search. I’m looking at getting this steering box. My only real question is will my factory lines hook into it?
  5. black pearl

    Board and want to make some cash on a road trip?

    I know it’s a long shot, but figured I’d try anyways. Anyone with a truck and trailer looking for a little road trip? I’ve got cash on hand and a credit card for fuel. I’m on 58WB and I need to get to Sonoma. Right in the area of 390 miles away. I have my Jeep and my off road trailer. I...
  6. black pearl


    Hope everyone in Colorado are safe from the fires that broke out.
  7. black pearl

    Looking at UD44 axle

    So after my build plan got put to the side for life stuff. I’m finally getting back to hopefully continue the build. I’ve been seeing people happy with the UD axels. I’m looking at the UD44 , as I’m not really planning on going bigger then 37s. Also looking at them because the lead time is...
  8. black pearl

    Off grid camping trailer build

    I’ve wanted to build a off road trailer for a while now. Looks like it’s coming together finally!! Picked up a older Colman trailer last weekend and started ordering parts! the main parts I’ve ordered are Lock n roll hitch and a axel less suspension system. I have stripped all the old parts...
  9. black pearl

    Quick run to Utah

    I’m taking a little time off to watch the little one, as we have a week gap in child care. Since she’s doing distance learning, I figure let’s get in some real distance. We take off early Monday (28th) do that days class somewhere around Reno. The carry on to Ely NV to find a camp spot. The next...
  10. black pearl

    Camping spots in Nevada.

    So the wife and I are doing a little trip into Nevada, to scout out towns. We want to just camp as we go(just a long weekend). We will be traveling between Reno and the minden area. I know the Carson City area a little bit, but not that much. The other areas I have to experience with. Any...
  11. black pearl

    Might be stuck.

    I’m out on the opihr grade between Virginia City and Carson city. In my compass and had a rock sliced a tire. I may need some assistance if anybody is able. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  12. black pearl

    Pinon pre load

    So I’m not the best inter webs searcher. I’m trying I find the in. lbs. rotating resistance to set the pinon bearing pre load. If anyone has those numbers I would greatly appreciate it. I should be getting my new bearings and crush sleeve soon and really want to get my jeep back on the trail...
  13. black pearl

    Just turned the wrangler into the toy!

    So with our plans of upgrading the black pearl, I knew I would need a new commuter. So today I made a visit to the dealership. Here is the new Jeep Compass altitude 4x4. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE mobile app
  14. black pearl

    Our trip through the Mojave.

    When my wife told me she was a maid of honor in a friends wedding in Phoenix and that I didn’t have to go. What else is one to do, but plan a wheeling trip! My father in law and I spent the last few months readying our jeeps and gear. So on 3-21-19 we set out on our journey. Leaving the Bay Area...
  15. black pearl


    What clutch do you run? I may be looking at a new clutch soon. I’m getting what I believe it the throw out bearing going out. I like centerforce but think it would be a little grabby for a jeep. The other I’m looking at and have had good luck with in the past is luk. Are there any others I...
  16. black pearl

    Movement at TC flange

    So I started to notice a light rotational sound on deceleration, low speeds. I crawled under the jeep and found the flange at the TC for the front driveline has a little bit of up and down movement. It’s hard to say how much but maybe 1/16”. I have attached a horrible video, cams see anything...
  17. black pearl

    A comparison for coilovers vs rear cantilever from those that know.

    So as I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger on some big mods. I would like some input. I'm up in the air if I want the cantilever or just do coilovers. I know it would be awesome to have the lever setup, I'm just not sure I NEED to have it. Thoughts and opinions? Sent from my...
  18. black pearl

    Quick trip on the rubicon.

    Met up with some old friends yesterday morning and did a quick run. We had four rigs in the group three of them were day tripping. We started out on Wentworth springs and went in to the soup bowl. At that point they all turned back for loon lake. I continued in, made it just shy of the big...
  19. black pearl

    Short rubicon run oct. 27-28

    A buddy asked if I would take him wheeling as he hasn't ever been. Since our local OHV is closed because of a fire, I thought I would take him up to the rubicon. It's going to be a easy short run. Probably go into Ellis creek set up camp, then run out to the soup bowl hang out. Then wheel out...
  20. black pearl

    Our adventure through Utah

    I figure I'd start this now and update it as we go. First stop is zion and Bryce Canyon then as we venture across to Colorado for Mesa Verde, we'll stop and take a look at antelope Canyon. From Colorado we'll head up to arches, base camp there and spend some time in Moab. Putting the final...
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