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  1. CalSgt

    Looking at a 2016 JKU Sahara - Advice

    I need advice, what should I be looking for on a used JK? My mom is shopping for a new car & found a 2016 JKU Sahara for about $26K. It has 96K miles, Auto trans, 3.5" RC lift, bumpers, & winch. I would probably source a stock take off suspension & tires for it, maybe even some stock steel...
  2. CalSgt

    Spotted a RHD JLU

    I've been seeing this guy for months and he happened to park next to me at the market yesterday. He has a mail delivery contract for the small Eagle Lake community about 30 minutes away from me. He said there was a $14K uncharge for the RHD package & it was only available in Sport, also said...
  3. CalSgt

    Missing elderly couple found in NV

    Did anyone hear about this? Apparently these folks got lost in Nevada on the way in an RV from Shasta California to Tucson AZ. The Guy died and the wife is hospitalized...
  4. CalSgt

    Anyone run Yokahama Geolander AT?

    Getting ready to bring my old Chevy pickup back to life & one of the first things it needs will be a set of 33x12.50 15’s. After shopping around for a while I came across the yokahama’s but haven’t ever heard about them, anybody have experience? I looked them up & looks like they have some US...
  5. CalSgt

    Fed up with stupid shit

    A few days ago when the Dixie fire crested over the mountain in Janesville, CA my cousins ranch and their homes were in jeopardy. Their cousin Willis Dow who owns a earth moving company (typically levels ag fields and such) loaded up some equipment and a water truck and headed over to help...
  6. CalSgt

    New type of beadlock wheel made by Icon

    New type of beadlock wheel made by Icon... Kinda neat
  7. CalSgt

    Rotopax or knock off options?

    I have been thinking about getting a few Rotopax or similar containers, primarily to mount on my adventure trailer but also to use on or in the jeep occasionally. I see there are other brands making similar products are any of them worthwhile? ETA: Thinking about gas and water containers
  8. CalSgt

    Mopar JL half doors

    I didn't see this posted yet, but apparently factory half door for the JL were released in February. $4300 option on new jeep
  9. CalSgt

    Dinner places near Moab

    We are getting ready for a week long trip to Moab, no one in my group has ever been. We planed on going to a restaurant as a group one night during the trip, does anyone have a recommendation? Also if anyone knows, I'm curious what the dining regulations look like out there. Our group is 3...
  10. CalSgt

    Rock Slider build

    Since my LOD Destroyers are... destroyed, and would need lots of fab work to fit with the EVO MFG Long Arms they gots to go. I looked at just about every frame mounted option available for the JL and I don't think any of them will work without extensive modification, I'm going to build my own...
  11. CalSgt

    EVO Long Arm question - JL

    Anyone that has the EVO Long Arms on their JL be willing to take a picture of the passenger front long arm mount where it butts against the transmission crossmember? Asking because I have mine mostly welded up but the tranny crossmember is almost touching the LA bracket. I'll need to drop the...
  12. CalSgt

    Front axle Johnny Joints

    Has anyone used the Johnny Joints that replace the bushings pressed in the front axle housing? Are they worth while? Asking because I have the front axle out & most of the EVO long Arm Coilover setup complete, figured they would be easier to replace with the axle on the bench while I'm setting...
  13. CalSgt

    Coilover spanner tool

    What is the best tool for adjusting the preload nut on King coilers? Is there a special tool for the timing rings, or do I just use a chisel? I just ordered the EVO Long Arm Coilover kit for my JL, I think they are 2.5" coilovers if that makes a difference. I want to have something for...
  14. CalSgt

    Which frame mounted sliders for EVO LA's

    Who makes frame mounted rock sliders for a JLU that will work with the EVO long arm kit? It seems like most of the sliders will interfere with the rear long arm bracket? I currently have the LOD Destroyer sliders, I dented the passenger side pretty badly and am debating on repairing them then...
  15. CalSgt

    Diff master rebuild kit

    I just got a deal on some 4.88 R&P,s for my JLUR, do I absolutely need the complete rebuild kits? I’m at 20K miles. If I can get the bearings off and back on without damaging them would I be able to get away with just replacing the crush sleeve, pinion nut, and pinion seal if I can source the...
  16. CalSgt

    JL - Rugged Ridge Max Terrain fender flares

    Has anyone seen these in person yet? They are going for $599 a full set with LED DRL's included. These seem like a decent alternative to buying OEM Rubicon fender flares, it costs about $350 each for rear factory fenders and I'm sure the fronts are double that with the DRL's in them...
  17. CalSgt

    EVO tire carrier bolts

    Does anyone out there know what size bolt fits the threaded accessory holes on an EVO tire carrier? I’m trying to get a hi lift jack mount to bolt up
  18. CalSgt

    Tent trailer size? & Build thread

    I've read through several of the trailer threads but haven't seen dimensions discussed very much. What would be ideal for a capable off road trailer for a RTT? Ive read that tongue to axle length that matches the wheelbase of the tow vehicle is supposed to tow nice, I plan to split the...
  19. CalSgt

    KMC XD231 wheels

    Looking to by some used XD231, wheels 17", 5x5, 4.75" BS I only need 2 to but would consider buying more
  20. CalSgt

    Hello from northern California

    Hello everybody, New jeeper checking in from Northern California. I bought my first jeep a few weeks ago, a white 2018 JLUR and will need the input of the experienced jeep guys over the next few months getting this sucker outfitted. I've had quads, and a 4 door RZR, I have been into riding...
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