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  1. Sharkey

    Manufacturers should take a lesson from Decked

    I recently installed the Decked system in my Gladiator and have been extremely happy with it. Last night I noticed a very small crack in one corner (maybe 1 inch long and the width of sewing thread). Today, I contacted Decked to see what type of epoxy or glue I could use to fill the crack...
  2. Sharkey

    JLUR bumper sensors and bigger tires

    Is there an easy fix for the rear OEM bumper sensors (on the OEM bumper) going crazy over a larger spare tire?
  3. Sharkey

    ARB Twin Question

    Stupid questions. If you aren’t running lockers, do you still need to buy the little manifold/tank kit? And if the answer to the first question is “no”, then the second question is whether there is a pressure switch or anything that shuts the twin off automatically if the compressor hose isn’t...
  4. Sharkey

    Intermittent blinking rear locker

    So, I'm getting an odd but intermittent blinking rear locker indicator on Jabberjaw. This is on the road, and often at very slow speed or when stopped at a light. The locker isn't on (at least not from me putting it on) and I have made sure to hit the off switch multiple times. Just an...
  5. Sharkey

    Cab Height Bed Rack

    Can you post some pics of your cab height bed rack for the Gladiator? I can seem to find any. Thanks.
  6. Sharkey

    Gladiator Bed Cage

    Any updates on the specs for the Bed Cage y'all are making? I'm particularly interested in finding out the usable height/distance between the bed and the bottom of the top bars on your cab height rack. (Trying to figure out if I could fit an ARB fridge on a slider on top of the Decked bed...
  7. Sharkey

    Gladiator Weapon Mounts

    I started one of these for the JK a while back. Figured it was time for the JL and Gladiator crowd to post up. I am working through some ideas...let’s see what you have come up with. Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  8. Sharkey


    ***Placeholder*** [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  9. Sharkey

    Gladiator "Must Have" Options

    I get it, this is going to be totally subjective but I don't really care. Enough people have Gladiators now that I'm curious to hear which options you have and don't really use/need and which options you didn't get but wish that you had. I'm going crazy shopping for a Gladiator right now. For...
  10. Sharkey

    Goal Zero Yeti 400 Near Catastrophic Failure

    I've had a Yeti 400 for several years now. It's been a love/hate relationship. It failed on me during the first day of a three day Jeep trip (fortunately my OEM battery did the job of running my ARB fridge fine) and Goal Zero replaced the battery free of charge. Since then, I have primarily...
  11. Sharkey

    KC Gravity Pro Headlights

    Anyone run them? I had a heated Truck-Lite take a crap after five years of good service. I'm about to drop some coin on the Gravity Pro's to try something new but I thought I would see if anyone on here has actually run them. If so, thoughts?
  12. Sharkey

    EVO 3" Plush Rides

    Considering pulling the 2" Rancho coils and 3/4 pucks out of the Tank Jeep and swapping in 3" EVO plush rides. Let me know if you have some in good shape that you are interested in selling.
  13. Sharkey

    A-Pillar Issue

    So the pre-cut replacement A-Pillar that I purchased with the Switch Pros setup is very different than the OEM A-Pillar. You can see the comparison in the following pic. Of course, it’s a Sunday so I’m not going to be able to call them on the weekend and I have the Jeep taken apart. The...
  14. Sharkey

    Painting powder coat

    Ok DIY gurus, can I spray self etching primer over existing powder coat and then paint the primer? I bought wheels with rock rings that were powder coated black from the manufacturer. Can I simply prime and paint them as they are, or must I have the manufacturer’s powder coat blasted first...
  15. Sharkey

    Switch-Pros (No longer needed)

    Looking to pick one of these up. Let me know if you happen to be getting rid of one. �� Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE Edit: No longer needed...bought one from Bubba at a great price.
  16. Sharkey

    JKUR Rear Door (driver’s side)

    One slightly damaged silver door off a JKUR. Local pick up only in CA. All offers considered. (Asking for a friend) Sent from my iPhone using WAYALIFE
  17. Sharkey

    Custom Dynatrac Shorty Trail Leader 44

    Brand new "shorty" length requires custom cut shafts. Serious inquiries only. How much are you willing to pay (asking for a friend)? :bleh:
  18. Sharkey

    Quadratec Pisses Me Off

    My son has been very particular about what he wants for a rear bumper. Oddly, Quadratec recently released a mid-width rear bumper that was pretty much exactly what he wanted and at a price point that was acceptable to us to get it for him as a birthday present. We ordered the bumper at the...
  19. Sharkey

    Granite Shark

    Placeholder. ;) :thumb:
  20. Sharkey

    Dynomax 39535

    I can’t find this kit with a vendor anywhere. Is it something you are still making?
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