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  1. Tanner505

    Locked my keys

    Hey guys I locked my keys in my jk today and I don’t have a spare and it’s a hard top what’s the best way to get in
  2. Tanner505

    What's your favorite movie

    I figured it would be cool to see what movies you guys like, my favorite movies are the evil dead series with Bruce Campbell.
  3. Tanner505

    Superchips Trail Dash 438753

    I'm getting rid of my trail dash that I've had for about a month now, the jeep has been tuned back to stock and the trail dash is ready for a new home, it comes with the usb cable and obdll cable and everything is in perfect shape, I'm asking $355 shipped to your door in the US only via usps...
  4. Tanner505

    Ecm connectors

    So I managed to drop a screw from my spod down by the ecm and I had to pull one of the plugs to get to it but stupid me not seeing that the red lever had a little black push clip that holds it down and I managed to bust off that little black clip, now if I wiggle the red lever it will wiggle...
  5. Tanner505

    jeep extended warranty

    So I keep getting postcards from jeep wanting me to extend my warranty, has anyone done this?
  6. Tanner505

    Rocker armor nutserts

    So a few months back I our local 4x4 shop install my psc steel rocker armor and my question is are all the cap head screws supposed to be flush with the body armor because some of mine are off a little bit here and there?
  7. Tanner505

    offroad light security

    I'm wondering if anyone is running any security hardware on there offroad lights, I currently run the Carolina metal masters light bar locks but I'm looking for a good lock system for my dually d2s on the a pillars :-)
  8. Tanner505

    Where's your Jk setting Right now

    Thought it would be cool to see were people's jeeps are sitting right this moment. Mines outside defined fitness
  9. Tanner505

    evo rear fascia questions

    So now that psc is going down hill I'm looking at doing the evo rear fascia with the rock skins and tire carrier, what's the benefits to the rear fascia, is less truly more in this situation
  10. Tanner505

    Regear time frame

    How long does it typically take to regear a jk, I'm having a shop do mine and I'm wanting to see what turn around people have had on theirs
  11. Tanner505

    AFE Momentum Gt Dry Intake 3.6

    I've got a used a afe Momentum Gt Dry Intake off my 13 JKUR and I bought it back in August of 2014 and I've decided to go with a aev snorkle and I no longer need it the part number is 51-76204. The intake and filter are in perfect condition and I'm asking $ 225 obo I'm willing to work out...
  12. Tanner505

    Wanted Stock 2012 to 2015 air intake

    I'm looking for a 2012 to 2015 oem air intake, let me know what price if you got it
  13. Tanner505

    Xbox one thread

    Anyone interested in playing on xbox live my gamer tag is Tanner505
  14. Tanner505

    What's on your Christmas wish list

    I want the rock krawler pro offroad tie rod What do you want?
  15. Tanner505

    Pr44 questions

    So I'm gonna order a pr44 unlimited here in February when I do my taxes and my question is should I get just a bare housing and swap my factory internals over or hold out for rcv shafts and a arb or e locker, northridge4x4 has a factory swap deal that comes with synergy ball joints and factory...
  16. Tanner505

    What viscosity oil do you use

    So im wondering if anyone runs a a thicker viscosity oil than the 5w20
  17. Tanner505

    Whats the last thing you just bought

    I pulled the trigger last night for a new TV a Samsung 60" led tv and I'm so glad I finally did it got 24 month interest free on it at sears
  18. Tanner505

    What kind of pets do you have

    Seeing what kinds of pets other jeepers keep, I've kept and bred numerous reptiles and have kept saltwater reef tanks and all kinds if stuff lol,what have you kept
  19. Tanner505

    Xbox live

    Anyone has xbox live add me gamer tag is Tanner505
  20. Tanner505

    Trimming painted oem fenders

    Has anyone done this without making them look weird
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